Đề trắc nghiệm 15 phút môn anh văn 9 - đề số 17 (Có đáp án)

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Đề trắc nghiệm 15 phút môn anh văn 9 - đề số 17 (Có đáp án)
I. Match the sentence halves (5pts)
1. I'm happy that
2. If we use fewer vehicles
3. We should keep our environment clean
4. We should use electric cars
5. He is disappointed that
6. He is late for school today
7. The more wood pulp we use
8. This river is not good for swimming
9. If we keep on using more vehicles
10. Crops are sprayed with pesticides
a. to minimize the pollution.
b. we can reduce pollution.
c. if we want to have a healthy life.
d. the more trees are cut down.
e. you have joined in the campaign.
f. because the banks are covered with weeds.
g. people are destroying the forests.
h. as he stayed up late playing games last night.
i. to kill insects.
j. we will soon run out of oil.

* Your answer:
 1......      2.........    3.........   4..........  5............  6.........   7..........  8...........   9............   10............
II. Use the verbs in brackets in the correct form to complete the following sentences (5pts).
1. If we keep on______more and more motor vehicles, we _____out of oil. (use / run)
2. We can prevent _____by ______garbage bins around the schoolyard, (litter / put)
3. A lot of sea creatures _____out because of dynamite _____(die / fish)
4. Crops _____with pesticides ________ insects, (spray /kill)
5. The rice plants _____if the rice paddies______ . (die / pollute)

I.    1.e       2. b       3.c       4. a       5.g         6.h          7.d         8.f       9. j          10. i
II.    1. using / will run        2. littering / putting                 3. are dying / fishing            4. are sprayed / to kill
        5. will die / are polluted
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