Đề trắc nghiệm 15 phút môn anh văn 9 - đề số 22 (Có đáp án)

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Đề trắc nghiệm 15 phút môn anh văn 9 - đề số 22 (Có đáp án)
I. Complete the sentences. Choose the correct connectives (3pts).
1. He has a good vocabulary.  _______, he pronounces well. (Therefore / Besides / However)
2. He is sick._______, he can't come. (Therefore / Also / Nevertheless)
3. I knew it was likely to rain. ______, we decided to have a picnic. (However / Besides / Therefore)
4. We stopped playing______it started to rain. (because / therefore / and)
5. In my spare time, I enjoy reading novels_____watching TV. (but / or / and)
6. These shoes are second-hand _____ comfortable. (and / but / however) 
II. Use the verbs in brackets in the correct form to complete the following sentences (7pts).
1. All buildings in Sweden_____ by solar energy in 2015. (heat)
2. One per cent of the solar energy that reaches the Earth is enough _____ power for the total population (provide)
3.If we go on wasting water, there _____a shortage of fresh water in a few decades, (be)
4. I suggest _____ by bicycle or public transport to keep the environment unpolluted. ( travel)
5. Minh would like_____ table tennis but he has to finish his assignments tonight. ( play)
6. Solar panels_____ on the roof of a house to receive the energy from the sun. ( install)
7. Why not ______ off the lights before leaving for work? (switch)

I.    1.Besides          2. Therefore          3. However     4. because           5. or             6. but
II.   1. will be heated              2. to provide          3. will be       4. traveling 
      5. to play                         6. are installed       7. switch
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