Giải bài tập tiếng Anh 12 - Pearson [Unit 9:Choosing a career]

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Giải bài tập tiếng Anh 12 - Pearson [Unit 9: Choosing a career], gồm các phần: PHONETICS - VOCABULARY & GRAMMAR - SPEAKING - READING - WRITING và giải bài tập kiểm tra.

1. You have to consider the things you actually enjoy doing and then research the career options that exist in that same area.
2. Most secondary school students take to university life like a duck to water.
3. You should do a school careers test that will give you some ideas about what you should do for a job.
4. You may have to spend some time working for free in order to gain the experience that lets you stand out from the crowd.
5. Workplace attitudes have an effect on every person in the organization, from the employees to the company owner.
6. The job application letter you send to an employer explains why you are qualified for the position and should be selected for an interview.
7. I am keen to develop my professional skills and look forward to discussing my application with you at an interview.
8. I would like to work in multimedia, video and audio productions, where I could be close to famous actors or singers.
I. 1. career    2. pursue     3. rewarding    4. workforce     5. touch
   6. downside   7. shadow   8. paperwork   9. grips      10. maturity
II. 1. shadowing    2. applicant     3. maturity   4. advisory
   5. pursuits     6. employees   7. security    8. tediousness
III. 1. resume      2. attempt    3. workforce     4. purpose
      5. introduction       6. background    7. experience    8. job
IV. 1.D   2. C   3. E   4. A   5. B
V. 1. get on with     2. cut down on  3. put up with 4. keep up with
     5. talk back to         6. ran out of  7. looking forward to   8. Go on with
VI. 1. as      2. unless         3. if           4. if/though  5. such     6. as     7. so    8. As

Task 1.  1. D    2. E    3. C     4. F    5. A     6. B
Task 2.  1. T   2. F  3. F   4. F     5. F     6. F
Task 3.  1. Social    2. Enterprising    3. Realistic     4. Conventional
              5. Social    6. Conventional      7. Investigative        8. Enterprising
Task 1. 1. NG    2. T   3. T   4. F   5. NG   6. F  7. T   8. F

Task 2
1. It can give us the technical skills we need to be successful in a career.
2. We should figure out what the best career options would be for us.
3. (It helps us) To identify our interests and strengths, and how they relate to certain career paths.
4. It gives explanations of various jobs and positions and even how they’re expected to grow in the future.
5. It is a career that has the potential to make us happy years from now.
6. Maybe the cost of education/ tuition fee is a problem to students.
Task 3. 1. workforce 2. figure out 3. survey  4. scope out  5. glimpse  6. potential
III. 1. B   2. C   3. A   4. C   5. D   6. C   7. B   8. A   9. C   10. D
IV. 1.C   2. D   3. D    4. A    5. B   6. B   7. A    8. C
V. 1.A   2. A    3. B    4. A    5. D    6. D   7. C   8. C
1. G    2. D     3. C     4. A     5. H    6. F    7. B    8. E
I. 1. E      2. C     3. A      4. F    5. D
1. I am writing to apply for the programmer position advertised in the Times Union.
2. As requested, I am enclosing a completed job application, my certification, my resume, and three references.
3. The opportunity presented in this listing is very interesting, and I believe that my strong technical experience and education will make me a very competitive candidate for this position.
4. With a BS degree in Computer Programming, I have a full understanding of the full lifecycle of a software development project.
5. I also have experience in learning and excelling at new technologies as needed.
TEST 1 (Unit 9)

I+II. 1.C   2. A    3. A    4. C    5. B
III. 6. B   7. D    8. C    9. C    10. D   11. C   12. B   13. B    14. B   15. C
IV. 16. strengths   17. issues   18. workplace   19. potential   20. attitude
21. He dropped out of the class of Science because it was too difficult.
22. I might drop in on Nick for tea sometime this week.
23. He was surprised how well his new girlfriend got on (well) with his mother.
24. If you keep up with your classmates, you will get into a great college.
25. When he thinks back on his youth, he wishes he had studied harder.
VI. 26. B   27. D   28. C   29. B   30. A   31. B  32. D  33. C  34. A  35. C
VII. 36. D   37. A   38. B   39. D   40. C
VIII. 41. B    42. E    43. D   44. G   45. C
46. I am in my final year at high school and I will be taking the graduation examinations this summer.
47. I am a keen rider and I belong to my local riding club.
48. In the last two years, I have done voluntary work with young disabled riders so I have plenty of experience in outdoor activities and dealing with younger teens.
49. I am interested in working for your organisation in order to use my riding skills and I can learn more about dealing with people.
50. I would also like to do the job for the practical work experience.
TEST 2 (Unit 9)

I+II. 1 .C    2. D     3. A   4. A   5. B
III. 6. B   7. B   8. A   9. C   10. D   11. A   12. C   13. C   14. B   15. B
IV. 16. curious   17. rewarding   18. intelligent   19. rural  20. diverse
V. 21. She was so surprised of the news that she couldn’t say anything.
22. She looked as if she had seen a ghost.
23. If you do not tell the truth, you will be punished.
24. She is not so/as intelligent as her sister.
25. He spoke in such a low voice that few people could hear him.
VI. 26. D   27. A   28. C   29. B   30. B   31. C   32. A   33. B   34. D  35. C
VII. 36. B   37. C   38. A   39. D   40. C
VIII. 41. D   42. F   43. C   44. A   45. E
46. I am writing to apply for the position of a part-time shop assistant at your computer shop advertised in the Labour newspaper last week.
47. I am a grade twelve student and I will be taking my graduation examinations this summer.
48. As well as studying Information Technology at school, I have done courses in computer programming and I can repair computers.
49. In the last two years, I have worked in my uncle’s computer shop on Sunday mornings and because of that I have plenty of experience in dealing with computers and customers.
50. I am interested in working for your shop in order to get more experience and I can also develop my computer skills.
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