Giải bài tập tiếng Anh 6 - Pearson [Unit 4]

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Giải bài tập tiếng Anh 6 - Pearson [Unit 4], gồm các phần: PHONETICS - VOCABULARY & GRAMMAR - SPEAKING - READING - WRITING và giải bài tập kiểm tra.

I. 1. C  2. A  3. C  4. A  5. A
/i:/ /I/
teen; meal; peaceful; leave; seat; read; sea; see; beach; street; convenient slim; tin; milk; building; historic; busy; expensive; live; sit; village; river; city;
difficult; thing
3. taller than 
4. noisier than 
5. prettier than 
6. happier than 
7. shorter than 
8. bigger than 
9. more modern than 
10. more friendly than 
11. better than 
12. worse than 
1. Scotland is colder than Athens.  
2. Chinese is more difficult than English.
3. Jennifer Lopez is prettier than Madonna. 
4. Football is better than volleyball.
5. A novel is longer than a short story.
1. This book is better than that one.
2. The weather here is hotter than the weather in my hometown
3. A mouse is smaller than a cat. 
4. A radio is cheaper than a television.
5. The sun is bigger than the moon. 
6. A mountain is higher than a hill.
7. A child is younger than a man. 
8. A lake is smaller than a sea.
9. Your hair is longer than my hair. 
10. French food is better than English food.
1. more comfortable
2. larger
3. more important
4. heavier 
5. more difficult 
6. Longer 
7. more intelligent 
8. Better  
9. Worse 
10. prettier 
11. Stronger 
12. more beautiful 
V. 1. longer  2. bigger  3. more intelligent  4. faster   5. heavier 
 6. colder  7. more difficult  8. older  9. bigger   10. higher
1. My father is older than Uncle Hung. 
2. She is taller than her mother.
3. Winter is colder than spring.
4. Ha Noi Opera House is bigger than Hai Phong Opera House.
5. A house in the city centre is more expensive than a house inthe suburb.
6. My neighbourhood is more crowded than your neighbourhood.
7. Travelling by train is more comfortable than travelling by coach.
8. Mai is younger than her sisters.  
9. Hue is more historic than Hoi An.
10. Living in the country is more peaceful than living in the city.
1. bigger 
2. more interesting
3. cheaper 
4. noisier
5. more expensive 
6. more boring 
7. busier 
8. more modern
1. is smaller than
2. is cheaper than
3. is more modern than
4. is quieter than  
5. is better than 
6. is lighter than 
7. is noisier 
8. is older than
1. more expensive than 
2. are cheaper than 
3. is bigger than 
4. is smaller than  
5. are more comfortable than 
6. is/ are more friendly than 
7. is better than  8. is worse than
A. 1. give  2. directions  3. ahead  4. Take  5. on
 6. here  7. the  8. welcome
B. 1. there  2. Take  3. on   4. at  5. How 6. by
A. 1. Excuse me
2. Go along
3. That’s
4. on the left
5. opposite
B. 6. Is there
7. near here
8. turn left
9. on your right
10. next to
1. quieter than – noisier than  2. quieter than – noisier 3. bigger than – smaller
4. better than – worse  5. faster than – slower
I.  1. Rome is older than London. 
2. London is bigger than Rome in area and population.
3. No, London is colder than Rome in winter and cooler than Rome in summer.
4. Rome has got more rain. 
5. Rome is nearer the sea than London.
II. A: Post office; D:Cinema.
III. 1. C  2. D  3. A  4. C  5. D
1. Lan goes to Nha Trang on holiday now.
2. In the early morning, she goes to the sea and swims for an hour.
3. In the afternoon, she takes some photos of the sights.
4. She is staying in Nha Trang for four days.
5. Because she has a lot of fun.
1. My village has an old pagoda.
2. That small town has not got a railway-station.
3. Mr. and Mrs. Brown have got only one car. 
4. My school has got a new building.
5. That city has got many beautiful lakes. 
6. London has got many famous parks.
7. Has your city got any museums?  
8. This town has not got anyart galleries.
9. Hue has got many old buildings and pagodas. 
10. Has your house got a garage?
1. This District Post Office is smaller than the Central Post Office.
2. Our office building is lower than the skyscraper.
3. Your neighbourhood is quieter than my neighbourhood.
4. Daisy is fatter than Alice.
5. The Palace Hotel is more expensive than the Riverview Hotel.
6. A house in the country is cheaper than a house in the city.
7. The air in the country is fresher than the air in the city.
8. Life in a small village is more boring than life in the city.
1. Ha Noi is the capital of Viet Nam. It has a history of more than 1,000 years.
2. First, go to President Ho Chi Minh’s Mausoleum to see the stilt house where he lived from 1958 to 1969.
3. Then, go to the One-Pillar Pagoda. It is a pagoda over the water in the middle of a square lake.
4. After that, have a chance to visit Tran Quoc Pagoda on the shore of West Lake.
5. Then, have lunch at a restaurant in the Old Quarter.
6. Finally, go to Hoan Kiem Lake, the heart and the soul of Ha Noi.

1. A  2. B  3. C  4. A  5. A  6. B  7. D  8. C  9. D  10. D
11. A  12. B  13. D  14. A  15. B  16. A  17. D  18. B  19. B  20. A
21. A  22. D  23. C  24. A  25. C  26. D  27. C  28. A  29. B  30. B
31. shorter than  32. larger than  33. higher than  34. bigger than  35. smaller than
36. noisier – more crowded  37. bigger than  38. larger than39. better…than
40. easier than  41. backyard  42. polluted  43. that  44. with   45. Turn – turning – front  46. those  47. convenient 
48. historic  49. way  50. statue
51. Many people who work in London prefer to live outside it.
52. One advantage of living outside London is that houses are cheaper.
53. He can enjoy the fresh, clean air of the country.
54. With the same money, one can get a littlehouse in the country with a garden of one’s own.
55. He can spend his free time digging, planting, watering and doing the hundred and one other jobs which are needed in a garden.
56. near  57. on  58. tell  59. Take  60. on  61. way  62. over 
63. on  64. between  65. Thanks  66. from 67. peaceful 68. flowers69. for
70. however  71. carpet 72. often 73. water 74. path 75. fresh
76.  The  Japanese  Covered  Bridge  or  “Chua  Cau”  is  one  of  the  most  famous  tourist attractions in Hoi An.
77. It was built in the early seventeenth century.
78. “Chua Cau” in Hoi An is a beautiful example of Japanese architecture at that period.
79. It was built by Japanese merchants to make a link with Chinese quarters across the stream.
80.  Inside  “Chua  Cau”,  there  is  a  temple  of  the  God  of  Weather. People  believe(that)  he controls all kinds of weather changes.

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