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Giải bài tập tiếng Anh 7 - Pearson [Unit 4]

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Giải bài tập tiếng Anh 7 - Pearson [Unit 4], gồm các phần: PHONETICS - VOCABULARY & GRAMMAR - SPEAKING - READING - WRITING và giải bài tập kiểm tra.
/ʃ/  /ʒ/
special; essential; musician; exhibition; fiction; sunshine; social; machine; sure;
delicious; champagne; attention; discussion;

vision; leisure; closure; treasure; usually; pleasure; television; measure; occasion; decision; collage; conclusion
II.  /ʃ/: special, traditional, musician, essential, exhibition.
     /ʒ/: television, usually, leisure, pleasure, vision, treasures.
I. 1. singing     2. saxophone       3. band       4. concert        5. art    6. painting

II. 1. India    2. weddings            3. drums     4. rap              5. hands   6. trousers

III. 1. worked   2. has helped      3. did       4. won       5. Didn’t win
 6. was    7. has been    8. Hasn’t won    9. has written   10. has neverbeen given

IV. 1. Rugby isn’t as exciting as football.    2. Viet Nam isn’t as hot as Indonesia.
 3. German isn’t as easy as French.              4. Alice isn’t as friendlyas Anita.
 5. The hotel in Paris isn’t as good as the hotel in London.

V. 1. better         2. more interesting       3. (more) exciting        4. worse
 5. better             6. more thrilling           7. as interesting as      8. as good as

VI. 1. as important as    2. most popular     3. easier     4. better    5. as expensive as
 6. heavier                 7. more suitable       8. the best

VII. 1. most famous   2. the youngest   3. as young as   4. the fastest  5. quicker   6. the biggest
I.  0. j. Hello, Lan. What are you doing now?
1/ f. I’m doing my Math homework.
2/ a. Oh, no. Today is Sunday. Why don’t you relax?
3/ g. What should we do?
4/ b. Will you be free this evening?
5/ d. I’m afraid not. I’m going to do my Physics homework.
6/ h. What about going to the movie theater? There’s a good movie on this evening.
7/ k. That’s a good idea. Where can we meet?
8/ i. At my house at 7 o’clock. Is it OK?
9/ e. That’s fine. See you this evening. Bye.
10/ c. Bye. See you then.
II. Mr Davies:Two tickets for The Water Horse, please.
Woman: Adult or child?
Mr Davies: Two adults and two children, please.
Woman: OK, and which performance do you want to see?
Mr Davies: The six o’clock film.
Woman: Two adults and two children at six o’clock. That’s fine.
Mr Davies: How much is that?
Woman: That’s $18 altogether.
Mr Davies: Here you are.
Woman:Thank you. Enjoy the film.
III. 1. Where      2. How     3. much      4. time        5. does
 6. start              7. kind       8. remember     9. then    10. after
I.  1. Lan and and Mai join the school theater group.
 2. They are rehearsing a play for the Teacher’s Day.
 3. Lan and Mai are the members of the stamp collector’s club.
 4. Hung and Tuan play for the school football team.
 5. Ha and Thanh are the members of the school art club
II. 1. There are over 30 schools of rock in different towns in the USA.
 2. It’s about a rock musician who became a teacher.
 3. He started the first School of Rockin 1998.
 4. He teaches them to be rock performers.
 5. He has already taught hundreds of young people.
III. 1. A         2. B          3. C        4. C          5. B
A. Lyle Lovett  
1. country         2. made              3. 1986              4. has had 
5. won              6. married          7. 1993               8. 1995
B. The Corrs
 1. sisters        2. brother        3. Irish folk       4. pop          5. made
 6. in 1995     7. have had      8. has…won      9. have…won  10. a single
1. B         2. D           3. A         4. B         5. D            6. D         7. D         8. A       9. A       10. B
11. C       12. D          13. B         14. C       15. C          16. B     17. B       18. A      19. C      20. A
21. C        22. B           23. B          24. A          25. A           26. D         27. C        28. B         29. A       30. D
31. ever        32. just          33. never          34. was          35. sang
36. been        37. did           38. made         39. written    40. watch
41. not as big as    42. the most famous     43. more colourful    44. the most exciting 
45. not as good as    46. more friendly    47. the busiest  48. bigger
49. more exciting     50. the best      51. C      52. A     53. D     54. B    55. C
56. He usually does his homework, watch some TV, read a book orplay the guitar.
57. Thomas has the keyboard and John has the drums.
58. John has written some songs, and his sister sometimes singswith them.
59. They are hoping to play some concerts one day!
60. He sometimes goes on day trips with his family, the best thing is lying on the sand and listening to music on my iPod.
61. The room at the end of the corridor of the art gallery is not as large as this room.
62. In my opinion, romance films are not as exciting as action films.
63. Picasso’s paintings are not the same as Salvador Dali’s paintings.
64. I am interested in comic books, and my brother is interested in comic books too.
65. My mother doesn’t like thrillers, and I don’t either.
66. Her hobbies are taking photographs and collecting coins.
67. Viet Nam has some kinds of traditional opera, such as “Chèo” or “Cải lương”.
68. I don’t sing as well as my sister.
69. Ballets and modern dance are not the same.
70. The project was not as long as we thought at first.
71. I am happy to hear that you and your family are well.
72. Did you remember the circus (that) we saw last year?
73. The circus is coming again to our city.
74. My father has bought the tickets for the circus.
75. We would like you to go with us.                     76. Are you free this weekend?
77. We will meet you at 7 pm outside the theatre. 78. The show begins at 7.30 pm.
79. I hope we will have a good time together.
80. I look forward to seeing you there/ I am looking forward toseeing you there.
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