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Giải bài tập tiếng Anh 7 - Pearson [Unit 8]

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Giải bài tập tiếng Anh 7 - Pearson [Unit 8], gồm các phần: PHONETICS - VOCABULARY & GRAMMAR - SPEAKING - READING - WRITING và giải bài tập kiểm tra.
/t/  /d/  /ɪd/
washed; looked; stopped; watched; laughed; convinced; shocked volunteered; played; raised;  appeared; moved; starred; needed; wanted; decided; fascinated; interested
I.  1. favourite      2. thriller      3. director         4. actors       5. star
 6. role                 7. scene        8. extras            9.             10.

II. 1. kind          2. comedy         3. animated           4. cartoon        5. called
 6. look after      7. problems        8. lovely              9. tickets         10. much

III. 1. boring – bored     2. interested – interesting       3. excited – exciting
      4. tiring – tired         5. relaxed – relaxing

IV. 1. interested – boring     2. tired – exciting      3. tiring – relaxing – relaxed

V. 1. bored      2. relaxing      3. tired           4. boring      5. excited    6. interesting

VI. 1. Although        2. However     3. although      4. Nevertheless      5. although
6. although    7. However       8. despite/ in spite of     9. Although      10. Although

VII. 1. I couldn’t sleep in spite of being tired/ tiredness.
2. They are happy despite having little money.
3. Although my foot was hurt, I managed to walk to the nearestvillage.
4. We planned to visit Petronas in the afternoon; however, we could not afford the fee.
5. I got very wet in the rain although I had an umbrella.

VIII. 1. It’s about a boy who can do magic.
2. They are a family who are all heroes.
3. It’s a place where no one wants to go.
4. It’s about a spaceship on which a monster lives.
5. A team of people help a scientist named Milo Thatch find the lost empire of Atlantis.
I.  1. d      2. b      3. e       4. c        5. f         6. a

I.  1. At first they want to see the Batman film.
 2. Because the Batman film’s sold out.
3. They are Girl of my Dreams, Journey into Space, and The Pyramid.
4. Girl of my Dreams– a love story; Journey into Space– a science-fiction film; and The Pyramid – a horror film.
5. They agree to see The Pyramid.
II. 1. Yes, he is. His ship is the Black Pearl.                
2. Jack and Will love Elizabeth.
3. The pirate Captain Barbarossa has the treasure.   
4. Captain Jack wins the treasure.
5. Elizabeth loves Will.
III. 1. It’s a comedy, a drama, and an action film all in one.
2. The main character in the film is a teenager called Calvin Fuller, played by Thomas Ian Nicholas.
3. The director of the film is Michael Gottlieb. He is a greatdirector.
4. Calvin is playing baseball when the earthquake happens.
5. A hole opens in the ground and Calvin falls through it, so he lands in the past, in the time of King Arthur.
6. They think that Calvin is amazing because he plays them modern music on his CD player and he shows them how to make rollerblades and a mountain bike.
7. Calvin is trained to be a knight.
8. Calvin helps King Arthur to beat his enemy, Lord Belasco.
9. Merlin sends Calvin back to the future, and Calvin finds himself back in the baseball game.
10. The special effects in the film are very good.
11. The actors’ performances are good.
12. The writer thinks that the film is funny and exciting.
I. A film review.
Atlantis: The Lost Empire is a Disney cartoon film. It is directed by Gary Trousdale and Kirk Wise. The main character is a scientist named Milo Thatch.Milo’s voice is played  by Michael J. Fox.

A  rich  man  gives  Milo  a  submarine  and  a  team  of  people  to  help him  find  the Lost Empire of Atlantis. After some exciting adventures, Milo and his team find Atlantis. But Atlantis is in trouble. Milo has to save it.

The music in this film is amazing and some of the characters are very funny. The film is sometimes scary, but it is very exciting.

If  you  like  action  films  and  cartoons,  you  will  love Atlantis: The Lost Empire. It’s  a fantastic film.

Emma Watson was born in 1990, Paris. She became famous when sheplayed in Harry Potter  films  from  2001  to  2009.  In  Harry  Potter  films,  Emma  played  with  Daniel Radcliffe, and Rupert Grint.

Dev Patel was born in 1990, London. He became famous when he appeared in the film Slumdog Millionaire in 2009. In Slumdog Millionaire, he starredwith Freida Pinto.
1. D     2. B     3. B        4. C     5. B    6. D     7. B       8. D         9. D        10. A
11. B   12. A    13. C    14. B    15. A     16. D     17. B     18. A     19. B     20. D
21. Despite/ In spite of       22. Although    23. although     24. Nevertheless    25. in spite of/ despite
26. The new restaurant looks good. However, it seems to have few customers.
27. Although we had planned to walk right round the lake, the heavy rain made this impossible.
28. I’ve been too busy to answer my email. Nevertheless, I’ll do it soon.
29. Despite being sick/ her sickness, Mary didn’t leave the meeting until it ended.
30. In spite of living in the same street, we rarely see each other.
31. film     32. drama     33. western    34. action     35. comedy
36. horror   37. science-fiction     38. musical    39. animated     40. romance
41. see/ watch      42. go/ come       43. films      44. on      45. on
46. at       47. invite      48. at       49. meet/ see      50. Bye
50  C/ Linda:  Tara, do you want to go out tomorrow night?
51  K/ Tara:  Good idea! I feel bored, now. I’d like to do something different.
52  A/ Linda:  Well, let’s go to the cinema! What’s on, do you know?
53  I/ Tara:  There’s an old Star Wars film – why don’t we go and see that?
54  H/ Linda:  Mmm,  I  don’t  really  like  that  sort  of  thing. How  about  the  new Johnny Depp film? My sister saw it last week and she thought it was really good.
55  D/ Tara:  Yeah, great. I love Johnny Depp! What time is it on? Have you got a newspaper?
56  F/ Linda:  Yeah, here. Erm, let’s see. It’son at either 7.30 or 9.30. What do you think?
57  B/ Tara:  7.30. Yeah, perfect. Well, why don’t we have drink first, then go at 7.30?
58  E/ Linda:  Okay, that’s a good idea. Where do you want to meet for a drink?
59  J/ Tara:  How about Macy’s? It’s near the cinema. Let’s meet at about 7.00. Is that OK for you?
60  G/ Linda:  OK, Tara. But I haven’t got much money.
61. True    62. False      63. False        64. False           65. True
66. True    67. False     68. True          69. False           70. True
71. They are Daniel Craig and Halle Berry.
72. Daniel Craig comes from Britain.
73. He’s been in a lot of different kinds of films including action adventure, science fiction, and romantic drama.
74. He played the role of Alex West.
75.  Nick’s  favourite  film  is Casino Royale.  Because  he  thinks  Daniel  Craig  is  a  fantastic James Bond.
76. Halle Berry comes from the USA.
77. She was a model before she became an actress.
78. He likes her because she’s beautiful, and she has a great sense of humour.
79. It is X-Menwhich is a science fiction film.
80. She plays the main character Storm, who has the ability to change the weather.
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