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Giải bài tập tiếng Anh 9 - Pearson - Test Yourself 3

I+II/  1.D    2. B    3.C    4. D    5. A
III/11. D    12. A    13. B    14. A    15. B   16. C   17. D   18. D   19. D   20. B
IV/ 16. package holiday    17. holiday resort     18. travel brochure   19. coastline  20. tour guide
V/ 21. Jim would have time to spend with his family if he didn’t work so hard.
22. If we had a big house, we could invite/ would be able to invite friends to stay.
23.I couldn’t know how to do it if you were not here to help me.
24. If people in the world spoke the same language, there wouldn’t be any problems in communication.
25. If we left earlier, we could visit Vy on the way.
VI/  26. D    27.B     28. B    29. C    30. A   31. C   32. D   33. B   34. D  35. C
VII/  36. D      37. A       38. A     39. B     40. C
VIII/ 41.G    42. C    43. E    44. A     45. F
IX/ 46. The most important goal of speaking English is to communicate.
47. Although speaking English fast makes you sound like a native speaker, it makes other people difficult to understand you.
48. Thinking in Enelish is the thing you can practice all the time because it is really important when speaking English/ you speak English.
49. If you forget a word, we can stop a sentence in the middle or use other words to describe it.
50. Self-confidence helps you speak better in every English conversation.
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