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Đề cương ôn tập giữa kì 1, Tiếng Anh 7 Global Sucess

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Đề cương ôn tập giữa kì 1, Tiếng Anh 7 Global Sucess
Đề cương ôn tập giữa kì 1, Tiếng Anh 7 Global Sucess, Sách kết nối tri thức với cuộc sống

Section I. Find the word which has a different sound in the part underlined. (0.5pt)
1. A. Listened           B. helped                   C. watched                D. looked
2. A. Learn                B. earn                        C.  hear                      D. heard
3. A. clever               B. term                       C. verb                       D. germ
4. A. started               B. washed                  C. wanted                  D. visited
5. A. fin                    B. fame                     C. of                         D. fish
6. A. looked             B. kissed                   C. called                  D. stopped
Section II. Choose the best answer A,B,C or D to complete the sentences. (2pts)
 7 Children ____ plastic bottles for recycling a month ago.
   A. collected           B. collect             C. collecting               D. to collect
 8. My mother ……. hobbies with me. She teaches me how to grow and take care of plants and flowers.
A. share                 B. to share           C. shares                     D. sharing
 9. We can make postcards and sell them to ……..…..money to help the
A. rise                  B. raise             C. get                          D. own
 10. Some students ……………..  blindman’s bluff in the school yard now.
A. are doing              B. are playing           C. is doing                 D. is playing
11. I enjoy reading ……….……it develops my imagination
A. and            B. but             C. because       D. so
 12. Doing volunteer work can …………… you feel more confident.
A. do                          B. make                      C. bring                        D. force
13. Don’t read or study when there is not enough light because it is ……… to your eyes.
A. harm                      B. harmful            C. harmless             D. unharmed
14. My aunt often ……… money to charitable organizations to help street children and the homeless.
A. makes                    B. does                       C. sends                     D. donates
15.We can make postcards and sell them to               money to help the homeless.
  A.rise                  B.raise                               C.get                                 D.own
16.Model making is a wonderful way of                    time alone or even with other people.
  A.spend               B.spending                        C.take                                D.taking
17.Doing volunteer work can             you feel more confident.
  A. do                   B. make                             C. bring                             D. force
18.I enjoy reading                   it develops my imagination.
  A.and                  B.but                                 C.so                                   D.because
19.We can get many                from volunteer work.
  A.benefit             B.benefits                          C.advantage                      D.good luck
20.I feel very happy because I can                 a difference in our community.
  A.do                    B.make                              C.bring                              D.take
21.We              many toys for street children so far.
  A. do                   B.have done                      C.make                              D.has been
22.       Wear a hat                   you’ll get sunburnt.
  A. and                 B. or                                  C. but                                D.so
23.About one-fifth of the American population                      volunteer work each year.
  A. do                   B. does                              C. make                             D. makes
24.Stay outdoors                     and do  physical exercises.
  A.more - less       B.less - less                       C.more - more                   D.less - more
25.There are many reasons                 it is important to have a hobby.
  A. for                  B. why                              C. so                                  D. because
20.I don’t think it is difficult to                      my hobby because I love it very much.
  A. take                B. go                                 C. have                              D. follow
26.Don’t read or study when there is not enough light because it is              to your eyes.
  A.harm                B.harmful                          C.harmless                        D.unharmed
27.I think you should              jogging because it is very useful for your health.
  A.take                                                           B.to take                            C.take up   D.take in
28.My aunt often                     money to charitable organizations to help street children and the homeless.
  A.makes        B.does C.donates        D.send
 III.Choose the correct answer A, B, C or D to fill each blank in the following passage.
  Hobbies are activities for entertainment. Hobby can cost you almost nothing.
  Music is the most popular. For example, many people play the guitar for (56)                  in their free time. Sports provide other (57)                    hobbies. Cycling, running, tennis, table-tennis are the sports that millions of people play during their free time.
  Some people’s coin collections are wonderful. There are still hundreds of (58)                 collections, such as bottle collections, seashell collections, butterfly collections, and so on.
  For some people, a hobby is a favourite (59)                       , like chess. In chess, we need two or more people (60)                  .
296.A. fun             B. funny                            C. funnies                          D. funniest
30.A. strange         B. normal                          C. favourite                       D. unusual
31.A. another        B. other                             C. others                            D. the other
32.A. exercise       B. game                             C. interest                          D. sports
33.A. play             B. to play                           C. playing                         D. to playing
IV.       Read the passage, and then decide whether the statements are true (T) or false (F).
  Volunteering is one of the things that are very useful to you. To your future bosses, volunteer work shows that you are interested in both the world and your future.
  Although volunteer work does not bring you money, it gives you a time to learn social skills and make a difference in our community.
  Volunteers have the chance to teach English, arts, and sports for homeless children. They also help children with health problems, especially children who cannot see, hear and speak.
                                                                                                                       True   False
34.Doing volunteer work is very useful to you.                                             o         o
35.Volunteering is good for your future job.                                                  o         o
36.You can earn a lot of money from volunteering.                                       o         o
37.Volunteers can help homeless children to learn English, arts, and learn   o         o
  how to play sports.
38.Volunteers only help healthy children.                                                       o         o
V.Read the following passage carefully, and then answer the questions.
  We send young people of different nationalities on expeditions around the world. Our volunteers get the chance to work with local people to learn about different cultures.
  There are ten expeditions every year. Each expedition lasts for ten weeks and takes 150 volunteers. They go to countries such as Chile, Namibia, Mongolia and Viet Nam. Some of our volunteers work with local people to provide facilities, for example, building schools. Others work in national parks or help scientists to do environmental research.
  These adventurous, young people come from all over the world. To become a volunteer, you have to be between 17 and 25; you have to speak some English and you also have to be enthusiastic, flexible and hard-working members of a team.
39.Who goes on the expeditions?
40.How many .expeditions are there every year?
41.How long does each expedition last?
42.What do the volunteers help scientists?
43.Which language must we know to become a volunteer?
VI.Rewrite the sentence without changing the meaning.
43. My brother likes watching cartoons
à My brother is ………………………….……………………………………………
44.My father finds playing board games interesting.
→  My father is_________________________________________________________________
45.She loves collecying stamps in her free time.
Her hobby …………………………………………………………………
VII. Circle A, B, C or D which is not correct in standard English
46.She should haves a balanced diet
               A        B      C               D
47. Do Minh go to the pharmacy yesterday.
            A                B        C                 D
48. Does Nam’s mother always goes   to work by bus?
      A                                                     B     C                  D
49.  Yesterday morning I readed several chapters of the book “The little prince”.
                      A              B                            C         D
XVIII. Arrange the words to make sentences.
50. way/ others/ community/ a/ help/ service/ is/ great/ to/.
51. they/community/people/ because/ volunteer/ want/ improve/ to/ their/.
52. encouraged/ books/ people/ street children/ we/ to/ donate/ and clothes/ to
53. what/ to/ help/ we/ can/ do/ the environment/ clean/?
54. work/ done/ you/ ever/ have/ volunteer/ any?

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