Bài kiểm tra học kì II, Tiếng Anh 8

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Bài kiểm tra học kì II, Môn Tiếng Anh 8, có đáp án.
I. Choose the best answer ( 2ms)
1. He has not finished the report ___________.
A. ever                       B. just                                     C. never                                 D. yet   
2. My sister was cooking __________I was doing my homework.
A. while                     B. in case                               C. if                                         D. because
3. This book ________ yesterday by me.
A. to buy                    B. was bought                       C. is bought                           D. buying
4. Nam is talking on the phone. He _________on the phone.
 A. always talk            B. always is talking            C. always talks                    D. is always talking
5. Do you find anything__________ there ?
A. interested                B. useful                              C. easily                              D. bored
6. Vietnam is a __________ country .
 A. rice- exported       B. rice- export                     C. rice - exporting               D. export-rice
7. They haven’t seen their uncle for ten years.
A. The last time they saw their uncle was ten years ago.
B. Ten years ago they first saw their uncle.
C. Ten years is a long time for them to see their uncle.
D. It’s ten years when their uncle first saw them.
8.“ Can I borrow your ruler, Lan?” asked Viet.
A. Lan asked Viet if Viet could lend her his ruler.
B. Viet asked whether he could borrow Lan’s ruler.
C. Viet wanted to lend Lan his ruler.
D. Lan wanted to borrow Viet’s ruler.
9. festival/ enjoyed/ very much/ Mr Robinson/ the/ that/ he/ said.
A. He enjoyed the festival very much Mr Robinson said that
B. Mr Robinson enjoyed the festival that he said very much.
C. Mr Robinson said he enjoyed that festival the very much.
D. Mr Robinson said that he enjoyed the festival very much.
10. You must be __________ when you enter this program .
A. careless                 B. carelessly                          C. careful                               D. carefully
11. Nobody will solve this hard problem.
A. This hard problem will be solved                     B. This hard problem won’t be solved
C. This hard problem isn’t solved                         D. All are correct
12. Which sentence is correct?
A. All the flights was cancelled because of thick fog yesterday.
B. All the flight were cancelled because  thick fog yesterday.
C. All the flights were cancelled because  thick fog yesterday.
D. All the flights were cancelled because of thick fog yesterday.

II. Odd one out (1 m)
13. A. entertaining               B. greeting                 C. amusing                             D. challenging.
14. A. stretcher                     B. wheelchair            C. crutches                            D. victim
15. A. fly                                B. bus                         C. train                                   D. mini-bus
16. A. written                        B. drawn                    C. wore                                   D. known

III. Circle the word whose main stress pattern is not the same as that of the others(1m)
17.  A. liquify                        B. appliance              C. helicopter                                     D. document
18. A. mixture                       B. wonder                  C. perform                             D. heritage
19.A.  guarantee                   B. properly                C. chocolate                          D. printer
20. A. computer                    B. ingredient                         C. available                           D. bulletin

VI. Circle the word that has underlined part  pronounced differently from the others (1m)
21. A. overhead                    B. teammate                         C. speaker                             D. bean
22. A. ranger                         B. sugar                                 C. religious                            D. giant
23. A. army                            B. jolly                                   C. liquify                                D. crystal
24. A. hour                            B. honor                                 C. honest                                D. how

V. Choose the word or phrase that needs correcting. ( 1m)
25. Lots of information are stored in the computer.                  
      A                 B                    C           D
26. Would you mind if I ask you a question?                 
                         A            B        C      D
27. I haven’t seen her since we have left school.                       
 A                            B                C             D
28.  They met her while they crossed the street.
                  A               B                     C             D
29. They happily looked at the children play in the yard.
                     A                     B                         C            D
30. When Andrew saw the question, he was knowing the answer immediately.
A                     B                                        C                                         D

VI. Rewrite the sentences as the same meanings using the following suggestions (2ms)
31.  Shall I sit here ?
-> Do you mind if ______________________________________________________ ?
32. My father bought a car yesterday.
à A car ______________________________________________________________
33. " Are you a doctor?". Nam asked me.
à Nam asked me if ______________________________________________________
34. Has anyone asked you for your opinions?
  -> Have ______________________________________________________________?

VII . Read the following passage and answer the answers (2ms)
      The festival was held in the communal house yard about one kilometer away from the river. There were three competitions: water-fetching, fire-making and rice-cooking. In the water-fetching contest, one person from each team had to run to the river to get the water. In the fire-making contest, two team members had to make a fire in the traditional way. Six people from each team took part in the rice-cooking contest. They had to separate the rice from the husk and then cook the rice.
Answer the questions:
35) Where was the rice-cooking festival held?
36) How many competitions were there in the festival?
37) How was the fire made?
38) How many people from each team took part in the water-fetching contest?
I/ I. Choose the best answer ( 2,5ms)
1. D 2. A 3. B 4. D 5. C
6. C 7. D 8. C 9. A 10. C
II. Odd one out (1 m).
1. B            2. D            3. A          4. C
III. Choose the word or phrase that needs correcting and correct them (1.5ms)
1. C  are stored -> is stored                   2. B  ask -> asked                   3. have left -> left          
IV. Rewrite the sentences as the same meanings using the following suggestions (2,5ms)
1/ Do you mind if I sit here?
2/ She asked me what languages I was speaking..
3/ A car was bought yesterday by my father.
4/ Nam asked me if I was a doctor.
5/ Have you been asked for your opinion?
V . Read the following passage and answer the answers (2,5ms)
1/ The festival was held in the communal house yard .
2/ There were three competitions
3/ It was made in the traditional way.
4/ One person from each team took part in the water- fetching contest.
5/ No, I haven’t. / Yes, I have.
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