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Bài tập câu điều kiện trong Tiếng Anh

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Bài tập tự luyện: câu điều kiện trong Tiếng Anh 12, các em tự giải rồi so sánh đáp án ở bên dưới.
Câu 1. If you pass your examination we ________ a celebration.
A. have 
B. will have  
C. would have had 
D. would have

Câu 2. If I had time, I _____ to the beach with you this weekend.
A. will go   
B.  will have gone  
C.  would go  
D. would have gone

Câu 3. If she________ late again, she'll lose her job.
A. came 
B. comes 
C. had come 
D. come

Câu 4. If I had enough money, _____ that house.
A. I am buy  
B.  I could buy  
C. I can buy  
D. I will buy

Câu 5. If you had told me earlier, I ________ it to you.
A. would give 
B. will give 
C. would have given 
D. gave

Câu 6. If it _________, I will come to see you.
A. didn't rain 
B. doesn't rain 
C. don't rain 
D. not rain

Câu 7. I __________to work if I had a car.
A. drove 
B. will drive 
C.  would drive 
D. would have driven

Câu 8. If he _________to me, he wouldn't have failed in the exams.
A.  had listened  
B. has listened 
C. listens 
D. listened

Câu 9. Had he come earlier, he ________her.
A. would meet 
B. would have met  
C. might meet 
D. will meet

Câu 10. If I were you, I _________ a new car.
A. buy 
B. will buy  
C. would buy  
D. bought

Câu 11. If there were no gravity, everything ________.
A.  would float  
B. floated 
C. would be floating 
D. will float

Câu 12. You______ if you take a map.
A. will get lost  
B. would get lost  
C.  won't get lost 
D. would have got lost

Câu 13. We would save thousands of lives if we ______out the remedy for the flu.
A. had not found  
B. found  
C. find  
D. will find

Câu 14. If I________ ten years younger, I would do yoga everyday.
A. are  
B. were  
C. have been  
D. am

Câu 15. Unless you go now, you ________late for school.
A. will be 
B. would have been 
C. would be 
D. are

Câu 16. If we_______ in a town, life would be better.
A. had lived 
B. lived 
C. would live 
D. live

Câu 17. We _____ you if we have time.
A. would phone 
B. had phoned 
C. phoned 
D. will phone

Câu 18. If I won the lottery, I_______ you half the money.
A. had given 
B. gave 
C. will give 
D. would give

Câu 19. It _______ be a pity if she married Fred.
A. can 
B. would 
C. may 
D. will

Câu 20. If I'm free on Saturday, I ____ to the mountains.
A. went 
B. could go 
C. to go 
D. can go

Câu 21.  Tuan wishes his father ______ here now to help him
A. will be  
B. is 
C. would be 
D. were

Câu 22. I know I'll feel better if I_____ smoking.
A. stopped 
B. will stop 
C. stop 
D. had stopped

Câu 23. If I_______ you, I would help him.
A. had been 
B. were 
C. am 
D. will be

Câu 24. I could understand him if he _____ more slowly.
A. speaks 
B. spoke 
C. would speak 
D. had spoken

Câu 25. The kitchen will look better if we_______ red curtains.
A. had 
B. had had 
C. would have 
D. have

Câu 26. If I knew his address, I ______ round and see him.
A. go 
B. will go 
C. would go 
D. went

Câu 27. It _______ quicker if you use a computer.
A. would be 
B. will be 
C. been 
D. were

Câu 28. "Will you come to the party tomorrow?" - "I will if I_____ no visitors"
A. had  
B. will have  
C. have  
D. am having

Câu 29. If it ________too cold, we could go on a picnic.
A. wouldn't be  
B. isn't  
C. weren't  
D. wouldn't be

Câu 30. If they didn't live so far away, I _________ them every week.
A. will visit  
B. visited  
C. visit  
D. would visit.

Câu 31. Unless we _______ throwing garbage into the river, it will be polluted.
A. won't stop 
B. stop  
C. will stop  
D. don't stop

Câu 32. She is too weak; she can't sit up and talk to you.
A. If she isn't too weak, she can sit up and talk to you.
B. If she wasn't too weak, she could sit up and talk to you.
C. If she hadn't been too weak, she could sit up and talk to you.
D. If she wasn't too weak, she can sit up and talk to you.

Câu 33. I don't have enough money with me now; otherwise I will buy that coat.
A. If I had enough money with me now, I wouldn't buy that coat.
B. If I had enough money with me now, I would buy that coat.
C. If I didn't have enough money with me now, I would buy that coat.
D. If I didn't have enough money with me now, I wouldn't buy that coat.

Câu 34. If I had known you would come, ______.
A. I would wait for you  
B. I would have waited for you

C. I will wait for you    
D. I would not have waited for you

Câu 35. I wish I ________ a trip to London last year.
A. took 
B. will take 
C. take 
D. had taken

Câu 36. She wishes she __________ a lot of money now.
A. will have 
B. had 
C. had had 
D. has

Câu 37. The weather was terrible. I wish it _____ warmer.
A. has been   
B. was   
C. were   
D. had been

Câu 38. I'd rather you __________ in here.
A. don't smoke 
B. won't smoke 
C. didn't smoke 
D. not smoked

Câu 39. He talked as if he ______ where she was.
A. were knowing  
B. had known   
C. knew   
D. would know

Câu 40. “Would you mind if we ___you by your first name?”
“Not at all. Please call me Tom.”
A. called 
B. call    
C. calling     
D. want to call

Câu 41: She can’t get home ___ she has no money.
A. unless 
B. if  
C. until     
D. without

Câu 42: If they had enough time, they ___ head south.
A. will 
B. can 
C. must     
D. might

Câu 43: If the doctor had arrived sooner, the boy ___.
A. might be saved 
B. have been saved 
C. was saved  
D. might have been saved

Câu 44: If there ___, the rice fields could have been more productive.
A. had been enough water  
B. were enough water

C. would be enough water 
D. are enough water

Câu 45: If only I ___ you wanted to invest money in business.
A. had known 
B. knew 
C. have known   
D. know

Câu 46: If you ___ as I told you, you ___ sorry now.
A. did- would not be    
B. had done- had not been

C. do – would not be     
D. had done – would not be

Câu 47 : If you hadn’t watched that late mivie last night, you ___ sleepy now.
A. wouldn’t have been   
B. wouldn’t be

C. might have not been   
D. wouldn’t have been being

Câu 48: “My car broke down when I was leaving Detroit and I had to take the bus. “___, we would
have picked you up.”
A. Had we known 
B. If we have known 
C. We had known   
D. If we did know

Câu 49: It seemed as if he ___ of it before.
A. would never hear 
B. has never heard 
C. never heard   
D. had never heard

Câu 50 : The campfire _____ if it _____ last night.
A. wouldn’t be cancelled / hadn’t rained 
B. wouldn’t have been cancelled / hadn’t rained

C. would have been cancelled / hadn’t rained. 
D. will be cancelled / rains

Câu 51: But for our parents, we _____ successful in life.
A. will never be   
B. would never be

C. wouldn’t have be    
D. would have never been

Câu 52: I will never talk to you again _____ you apologize me _____ your being rude.
A. if / for   
B. unless / for   
C. or / of   
D. whether / or

Câu 53: I think you should stop smoking.
A. If I am you, I will stop smoking. 
B. If I were you, I will stop smoking.

C. If I were you, I would stop smoking. 
D. If I had been you, I would stop smoking.

Câu 54: I regret behaving so impolitely with her and she was disappointed.
A. Unless I behave so impolitely with her, she would not be disappointed.
B. Provided that I did not behave so impolitely with her, she would not be disappointed.
C. I wish I did not behave so impolitely with her.
D. If I had not behaved so impolitely with her, she would not have been disappointed.

Câu 55: Take an umbrella with you _____ .
A. in case it rains 
B. unless it rains 
C. if it will rain 
D. even if it would rain

Câu 56: I lost your phone. Otherwise , I _______you much earlier
A. will contact  
B. would have contact  
C. would contact 
D. had contact

Câu 56: ________, the paints the windows before you live
A. if you’ll have enough time    
B. if you have enough time

C. unless  you have enough time   
D. unless you  can have enough time

Câu 57: “You can speak Englich well”. “But I wish I _____another foreign language well too”
A. speak    
B. can speak   
C. would speak    
D. could speak

Câu 58: Hurry up! we’re got to leave house immediately . Otherwise, ____the opening ceremory
A. we’d miss  
B. We’d had missed  
C. we missed  
D. we’re going to miss

Câu 59: Many people who live near nuclear plants are concerned. _____go wrong, the impact on the surrounding area can be disasous.
A. something would  
B. something will   
C. should something  
D. Does something

Câu 60. Had I known the carpenter was going to take three days to show up, I _____ the materials and done the work myself. It would have been finished by now.
A. will get   
B. would have gotten 
C. might get   
D. will have gotten

Câu 61: I wish you _____ making that noise. It's bothering me.
A. would stop 
B. are going to stop  
C. stop   
D.can stop

Câu 62: Do you think there would be less conflict in the world if all people _____ the same language?
A.will speak  
B. speak     
C. had spoken 
D. spoke

Câu 63: If you can give me one good reason for your acting like this, _____ this incident again.
A. I will never mention 
B. I never mention 
C. will I never mention 
D. I don't mention

Câu 64: Unless you _____ all of my questions, I can't do anything to help you.
A. answered   
B. answer     
C. would answer 
D. were answering

Câu 65: Had you told me that this was going to happen, I _____ it.
A. would never have believed     
B. hadn't believed

C. don't believe         
D. can't believe

Câu 66. _____ we truly understand others can we show sympathy towards them.
A. Only if   
B. Unless   
C. Even if   
D. But for

Câu 67. My parents have been my emotional safety net and I _____ the hardships in life without their constant support and attention.
A. didn't survive 
B. wouldn't have survived 
C. haven't survived 
D. hadn't survived

Câu 68. If I were in your shoes, I think I _____ to her rather than try to explain what has happened over the phone.
A. spoke   
B. have spoken 
C. would speak 
D. will speak

Câu 69: If I _____ the consequences of my action, I would not have acted so hastily.
A. have realized 
B. realize   
C. realized   
D. had realized

Câu 70: The person in charge told me that If I took the 8 a.m. flight to New York, I _____ change planes.
A. don't have to 
B. won't have to 
C. didn't have to 
D. may not have to

01. B; 02. C; 03. B; 04. B; 05. C; 06. B; 07. C; 08. A; 09. B; 10. C;

11. A; 12. C; 13. B; 14. B; 15. C; 16. B; 17. D; 18. D; 19. B; 20. D;
21. A; 22. C; 23. B; 24. B; 25. D; 26. C; 27. B; 28. C; 29. C; 30. D;
31. B; 32. B; 33. B; 34. B; 35. D; 36. B; 37. D; 38. C; 39. B; 40. A;
41. B; 42. D; 43. D; 44. A; 45. A; 46. D; 47. A; 48. A; 49. D; 50. B;
51. D; 52. B; 53. C; 54. D; 55. A; 56. B; 57. D; 58. D; 59. C; 60. B;
61. A; 62. D; 63. A; 64. B; 65. A; 66. A; 67. B; 68. C; 69. D; 70. C.


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