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Giải bài tập tiếng Anh 11 - Pearson [Unit 2: Relationships]

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Giải bài tập tiếng Anh 11 - Pearson [Unit 2: Relationships], gồm các phần: PHONETICS - VOCABULARY & GRAMMAR - SPEAKING - READING - WRITING và giải bài tập kiểm tra.
1. I haven’t seen you for ages. What’re you doing here so early in the morning?
2. I’m going to work. I’ve worked for a student dating website for two weeks.

3. What’s your job?
4. I’rn improving people’s profiles. Many people don’t know what to write about themselves and they’ve sent very boring profiles.
5. What’ll you do in the near future?
6. I’m surfing the Net to get a new job. The company says they’ll give me a job offer next week.
I/ 1. Closeness        2. relationship      3. dating       4. met face to face
    5. sympathetic    6. broken up       7. reconciled    8. date
    9. argument 10. romantic relationships
II/ 1. interest(s)         2. support/encouragement         3. successes   4. what                  5. smart/intelligent
III/ 1. A  2. A   3. B   4. C   5. D   6. C   7. B   8. A   9. C   10. D
1. It was hand-carved wooden spoons that Welsh boys gave to girls as a symbol of their love.
2. It was around a bonfire that dating was done within China’s Dai ethnic group.
3. It is many teenagers that spend a lot of time thinking and talking about being in a relationship.
4. It is a great influence that Friends can have on teens’ choices.
5. It is at high school that teenagers are going through lots of physical and emotional changes.
6. It is your family that plays a big part in the way your child thinks about teenage relationships.
Task 1:
1. C    2. E    3. A    4. B    5. D
Task 2:
l. T   2. F    3.T    4. T    5. F   6. T   7. T    8. T
1. give in (v) = (to agree) to do something that you do not want to do
2. peer (n) = a person (who is) the same age
3. T   4. T    5. F    6. C   7. B    8. A    9. D    10. B
1. E.   2. F    3. C    4. A    5. D
I/ 1. D   2. F   3. B   4. C   5. A
II/ Current mood: upset
1. My mum is extremely strict, and she doesn’t let me do anything.
2. I never go out with my friends because she always says no.
3. I am not going to sneak out because I know it is wrong.
4. I get good grades at school, and I am at the top of my class.
5. She is an overprotective mother, and my dad often works far from home.
Counsellor’s answer:
6. Thank you for reaching us at our website.
7. It sounds that things are really difficult for you at home.
8. It is so upset for you not to feel trusted by your mum.
9. I think you should sit down and talk to her about what you are thinking.
10. You can talk to a trusted adult like your uncle or aunt or a school counsellor.
TEST 1 (Unit 2)
I+II/ 1.B    2. D    3. A    4. A    5. C
III/ 6. B   7. C    8. D    9. A    10. C   11. D   12. C   13. A   14. D   15. D

IV/ 16. concerns   17. adulthood    18.feelings   19. wishes   20. decisions
21. It is for the college years that dating is left in Japan.
22. It is girls that are to buy boys white chocolate on Valentine’s Day in Japan.
23. It is the boy that must give the girl twice as much chocolate.
24. It is his girlfriend's handbag that a South Korean boy often holds during a date.
25. Once married, it is a more traditional woman that the South Korean man expect his wife to be.
VI/ 26. C   27. A    28. B    29. D    30. B    31. C    32. D    33. A   34. C   35. A
VII/ 36. D    37. B    38. A    39. C    40. B
VIII/ 41. F    42. E    43. C    44. D    45. A 
IX/ 46. E    47. D    48. A    49. F    50. B 
TEST 2 (Unit 2)
I+II/ 1. A    2. C    3. B    4. D   5. A 
III/ 6. C    7. B    8. A    9. B    10. C   11. A    12. C    13. D   14. A   15. C
IV/ 16. discuss 17. take   18. follow   19. arranged   20. decreases
21. It is until the age of 15 that dating is not allowed in Central and South America.
22. It was in Italy and Switzerland that teens gathered for parties at a home and slept there when the party was over.
23. It is in the Netherlands that people have fewer dating rules than any other places in the world.
24. It is kissing that is considered as a part of getting to know each other in Brazil.
25. It is a background check that a girl’s parents often do on her boyfriend in Italy.
VI/ 26. C   27. A    28. D   29. B   30. B   31. B   32. A   33. D   34. B   35. C
VII/ 36. B   37. D   38 A   39. C   40. B
VIII/ 41. D    42. G    43. C    44. B    45. E
46.I think my friend Mary is developing an eating disorder.
47. She always talks to me that she would like to be a fashion model.
48. She has gone on a diet for a month, and she sometimes skips meals.
49. Her parents always follow her wish, and they don’t see the negative effects of her diet.
50. We try/have tried to ask the school counsellor to explain the side effects of skipping meals to her.
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