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Giải bài tập tiếng Anh 7 - Pearson [Unit 5]

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Giải bài tập tiếng Anh 7 - Pearson [Unit 5], gồm các phần: PHONETICS - VOCABULARY & GRAMMAR - SPEAKING - READING - WRITING và giải bài tập kiểm tra.
/ɐ/  /ɔ:/
bottle; pot; salt; omelette; what; yogurt; chocolate; dialogue; shopping; lot; got; not;  soft more; pork; fork; sauce; short; caught; daughter; audience; morning; talk; laundry; water
II. 1. B       2. C          3. D          4. C                5. C
I. 1. D       2. B             3. B             4. D            5. D
Food Drink
apples; bread; pork; beef; sausages; eggs; sandwiches; sticky rice; pizza; noodles; cheese; pancake; beef noodle soup; toast; chicken; shrimp; eel soup coffee; hot chocolate; milk; orange juice; green tea; mineral water; lemon tea; yoghurt
III. 1. Are there any cakes? – Yes, there are some.
 2. Is there any butter? – No, there isn’t any.
 3. Is there any mineral water? – Yes, there is some.
 4. Are there any eggs? – No, there aren’t any.
 5. Is there any salt? – Yes, there is some.
 6. Are there any carrots? – Yes, there are some.
 7. Are there any apples? – Yes, there are some.
 8. Is there any sugar? – Yes, there is some.
IV. 1. some     2. some    3. any     4. Some    5. some    6. some    7. any    8. some
V. 1. e         2. g          3. b        4. h          5. c        6. a        7. d        8. f
VI. 1. How much    2. How much        3. How many         4. How much 
 5. How many         6. How many          7. How many       8. How much
VII. 1. How much water do you drink every day?
 2. How many students are there in you class?
 3. How many hours do you sleep every night?
 4. How much money do you have in your bag or pocket?
 5. How many subjects do you study at school?
David:  I’m quite hungry. Are there any biscuits?
Susan:  I’m  not  sure.  Um,  no,  there  aren’t.  There  are  no  biscuits  and  there
aren’t any cakes but there are some cheese sandwiches.
David:  Is there any meat?
Susan:  Yes, there’s some cold chicken. And here are some tomatoes.
David:  Thanks. Nice chickens! Is there any tomato sauce?
Susan:  Yes, there’s a bottle in the bag. Here you are.
David:  Great! Yuk! This isn’t the tomato sauce!
Susan:  Oh, sorry. My fault. It’s hot chilli sauce!
I. 1. c      2. e          3. a            4. b         5. f           6. d
II.1. c      2. f             3. a            4. d          5. e
A.1. amazing        2. famous  3. demonstrations     4. volunteers    5. cows   6. volunteer
B.1. B                   2. D                   3. A                 4. D                5. B
A/ 1. calories     2. energy          3. snacks          4. sweet       5. salty
 6. healthy         7. vitamins       8. sources
B/ 1. It helps you feel great.
 2. You can still enjoy your favourite sweet and salty foods.
 3. Because they contain calcium and keep your teeth and bones healthy.
 4. They keep our bodies healthy and they give us energy to work and play.
 5. Because they help you have a healthy heart.
 6. We get whole grains from bread, cereal, pasta, and rice.
 7. Because they are low in calories and full of vitamins.
 8. Fruit and vegetables with darker colours have more vitamins.
1.  First, you put the tea bag into a small cup, and pour slowly boiled water on it.
2.  After that, wait for 5 to 7 minutes, then get the tea bag out of the cup.
3.  Second, cut the lemon half, and press the water from it, but don’t use its seeds.
4.  Next, add some sugar and stir the mixture, and then add some ice.
5.  Your drink has already been served, and then pour it into some glasses.
6.  Finally, decorate a sliced lemon and some basil leaves on the surface of drink.
1. B      2. A        3. C       4. D           5. C       6. C      7. D     8. A    9. D  10. B
11. B    12. D         13. C     14. A         15. D     16. B    17. D     18. B    19. B  20. D
21. D     22. A        23. B       24. B         25. B        26. B     27. D  28. D  29. C  30. D
31. some  32. some – any      33. any      34. some – any           35. any
36. How much luggage do you have?
37. How much paper do you need to write on?
38. How many newspapers does your father read a day?
39. How many litres of water do you drink every day?
40. How much bread do you need to make sandwiches?
41. left       42. a              43. fat           44. for               45. much
46. else      47. kinds       48. with        49. delicious      50. any
51. B.We need 300 grams of eel, 150 grams of rice, fish sauce, ginger, and green onion.
52. A.First, clean rice, pour into the pot and cook until it’s well done, add a little salt.
53. H.You’re welcome. I hope your eel soup will be the best.
54. E.Clean the eel carefully: first use water of lemon, apply it onthe body of the eel and  rub it.
55. J.After that, put the eel in a plate and steam it until it’s cooked.
56. G.After steam, separate meat and bone eel carefully. Use the meat only.
57.Finally, when rice is well done, add meat eel into the pot, put the fish sauce, sugar,  and pepper to suit your taste.
58. F.I suggest you should eat when it is hot. Add some sliced greenonion on the surface of  the dish.
59. C.Thank you very much. Your instructions are very clear.
60. H.You’re welcome. I hope your eel soup will be the best.
61. B    62. C        63. D      64. A        65. B
66. Meals in Viet Nam usually include rice.
67. More foreign restaurants have been opened in Viet Nam sinceViet Nam opened its doors  to foreign investors.
68. Young people in Viet Nam now like fast food because of its conveniences.
69. They have lunch somewhere nearby the work places.
70. The most successful Vietnamese fast food chain is Pho 24.
71.  People  in  my  town  enjoy  healthy  food  and  they  have  three  meals  a  day  –  breakfast,  lunch, and dinner.
72. At about 7 o’clock in the morning, they often have breakfast.
73. Breakfast is a light meal. But it is considered important. People have breakfast with a bowl of noodle soup, or noodles with pork (hu tieu), instant noodle or a plate of sticky  rice (xoi).
74. Lunch usually starts at 11.30. Lunch is also a light meal, usually followed by an hour’s rest.
75. Most employees have lunch at food shops near their working places.
76. Students have lunch at school canteens.
77.  People  often  have  traditional  food  with  rice,  meat,  fish  and  vegetables.  Young  people often have fast food at shops like Lotteria, Jollibee, and KFC.
78.  Dinner  is  the  main  meal.  Dinner  must  include  rice  with  many dishes  from  meat,  fish, eggs, tofu, and vegetables.
79. People prepare food by boiling, steaming, barbecuing and frying. Then, they often have  fruit and green tea.
80. I think Vietnamese food is cheap, nutritious,  and very delicious.
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