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Giải bài tập tiếng Anh 9 - Pearson [Unit 11: Changing roles in society]

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Giải bài tập tiếng Anh 9 - Pearson [Unit 11: Changing roles in society], gồm các phần: PHONETICS - VOCABULARY & GRAMMAR - SPEAKING - READING - WRITING và giải bài tập kiểm tra.

I. 1. ↘    2. ↗    3.↘     4. ↗    5. ↘    6. ↘    7.↗    8. ↘   9.↘    10.↗

 I /
1. sense of direction     2. sense of humour     3. sense of smell    4. sense of style
5. sense of fun              6. sense of responsibility    7. sense of time
8. sense of occasion      9. sense of urgency           10. sense of identity
II/ 1. attendance       2. prediction          3. supporters     4. evaluation
     5. participation     6. developments     7. tailoring      8. Facilitator
III/ 1. hands-on          2. responsive        3. make-dominated      4.tailor     5. vision
       6.burden              7. content             8. breadwinner     9. direction   10. humour
IV/ 1. A     2. C     3. C    4. B    5. A    6. B    7. A     8. D    9.A    10. A
1. Courses will be taken at students’ own pace.
2. Online lectures will be got from the internationally famous professors for our personal learning needs.
3. Complex topics will be studied beyond the textbook by students.
4. A joke will be made to wake you up by the computer when you feel sleepy.
5. The necessary resources and trust will be given to all teachers by Viet Nam.
6. Human minds will be replaced by the artificial intelligence in the next century,

7. Sufficient support will be offered to primary and secondary students by local governments in rural areas.
8. New skills will be learned through cool tools, videos, quizzes and game-like labs.
I/ 1. F    2. T     3. T    4. T    5. F    6. T    7. F    8. T    9. T    10. F

Task 1. 1. F    2. T    3. F    4. T     5. F
Task 2
1. They did the roles of wife and mother (doing household matters).
2. They had schools of their own during the late 19th century.
3. They displayed as much vigor, determination, and courage as the men.
4. It was 87.6 percent.
5. It was 22.6 percent.
Task 3. 1. subordination  2. occupation  3. Significantly  4. missionaries 5. (an) act
Task 1
A. Farming for better food   B. Career farmers    C. A new wave of farmers' market
Task 2
1. They milk about 50 goats every day.
2. They want to provide better food for their families and communities.
3. Because they are called “hobby farmers”.
4. The disadvantage is that they didn’t grow up in agriculture.
5. She grows blue and white potatoes, herbs, and sunflowers.
6. She sells her farm produce directly to customers at farmers' markets.
1. E    2. C    3. G     4. B    5. H    6. A    7. F      8. D
I/ 1.D    2. A    3. E     4. C     5. B
1. Many Americans are concerned with money w'ith which a good life is thought to be bought.
2. They liked the TV programme, “All in the Family”, which is about spending more time on the own personal interests.
3. Many Americans were unhappy with President Carter, who failed to improve the economy.
4. In the 1980s, the most successful action films were about a man called “Rambo”, who always won in any struggle.
5. By the 1980s, computers which/ that anyone could learn how to use had become much smaller.
6. In their home in the 1980s, millions of Americans had a 'personal1 computer which/that they could use to read newspaper stories, buy things, do schoolwork. and play games.
7. The technological improvement can bring us a good life which we lead with almost no limits.
8. Let’s visit Trick Eye  Museum in Hong Kong, which has 50 optical illusion paintings and installations over five different themed zones.
1. The primary role of young people is to get a good education in order to become better citizens of tomorrow.
2. They need to team skills to do the job that their country’s economy needs.
3. They have the power to transform the nation into a better place.
4. The youth has the ability to bring about a change in their country.
5. Youths are problem solvers and our nation needs them to solve most of our problems.
TEST 1 (Unit 11)
I+II/ 1. A   2. D     3. B     4. D     5 C
III/ 6. C    7. B    8. A     9. D      10. B       11. A    12. A    13. B    14. B   15. D
IV/ 16. develop     17. dominant     18. power     19. process    20 .vacancies

21. For a flipped classroom, class time is used to do the harder work which involves probỉem-solving, discussion or debates.
22. The term “Flipped Classroom” was introduced by teachers Beremann and Samms. who adopted a strategy to reverse the timing of homework and lectures.
23. Harvard physicist, Eric Mazur has been teaching a similar technique to the flipped classroom called peer instruction, which has used ConcepTests for over 25 years.
24. The flipped classroom has a common theme which focuses on students’ more opportunities for discussion, formative assessment and feedback.
25. Students who are active participants will be given more opportunities to practise their knowledge.
VII/  26. B    27. A    28. D    29. A   30. C   31. B    32. D    33. B   34. A   35. C
VII/  36. D    37. B    38. A    39. C    40. C
VIII/  41. C   42. F     43. D     44. B     45. A
46. Teenagers will become more independent and responsible than their parents.
47. Many teenagers in the 21st century will be less selfish and will be ready to help other people in need.
48. Teenagers will also be more business-orientated, and they may have to find their own source of opportunity.
49. For high school, students believe that they should be treated like adults.
50. The primary role of young people is to get a good education in order to become better citizens of tomorrow.
TEST 2 (Unit 11)
I+II/ 1.C      2. A    3. B     4. A     5. D
III/ 6. D    7.C    8. B    9. D    10. C   11.C    12. A    13. B    14. B    15. B
IV/ 16. achievements  17. opportunities  18 .activities  19. integration 20. burdens
21. The Red River Delta, which is formed by the Red River, is the granary in northern Vietnam.
22. We got the news from the Tokyo Research Center which showed that a majority of Japanese people now accept gays and lesbians.
23. Tokyo’s International School of Asia, which was the first international school in Japan, receives financial support from the government.
24. Long An, which is considered as a “backyard” of Ho Chi Minh City, is the trading gateway between Ho Chi Minh City and the Mekong Delta.
25. Indian Prime Minister Modi launched ‘Swachh Bharat Mission’, which is a movement for cleanliness across India.
VI/ 26. B   27.A    28. D    29. C   30. D   31. A   32. C   33. B   34. D   35. A
VII/  36. B    37. D    38. A    39. C   40. B
VIII/ 41. B    42. G     43. E      44. C     45. D
46. Teenagers study hard to become well-educated citizens.
47. They play a vital roJe in the construction and protection of our homeland.
48. They can take part in social welfare activities for social progress.
49. Students who study abroad come back to our country and serve it with the great level of their knowledge.
50. The students today would be the good citizens of tomorrow, so they have to give the country back whatever the country has given them.
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