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Giải Test Yourself 2 - Tiếng Anh 8 - Pearson

Thứ năm - 20/06/2019 04:19
Giải bài tập tiếng Anh 8 - Pearson - Test Yourself 2
I. 1. B     2. A     3. D     4. B    5. C    6. A     7. D    8. C
II. 9. C    10. A    11. C    12. D     13. A      14. B     15. A     16. C
III. 17. D      18. E      19. B       20. A       21. C
IV. 22. C    23. H     24. F     25. D     26. J    27. G   28. E    29. A    30. B   31. I
V. 32. C    33. A      34. D      35. D     36. C     37. B     38. B     39. A
VI. 40. F    41. T      42. F     43. F     44. T     45. T     46. T     47. T
VII. 1. B       2. E        3. A      4. C      5. F       6. D      7. T      8. T     9. F
      10. T    11. T      12. T     13. F     14. F
VIII. 62. B     63. A     64. D    65. C     66. T      67. T     68. T     69. F
IX. 70.  Lion  dances  are  held  when  opening  a  new  company,  or  commencing  an  activity, because these dances are believed to bring good luck and prosperity and drive away evil.
71. If you  come  and  visit  a  Chinese  family,  you  should  bear  in  mind  not  to  give  an  odd number of presents because odd numbers are considered unlucky in China.
72.  The  weather  in  India  is  rather  hot  all  year  round, but  you  shouldn’t  wear  shorts  or sleeveless shirts when visiting a pagoda.
73. Lim Festival is the festival of “Quan Ho” singing; moreover, it is also space for various folk games. (moreover)

74. People believe that the first person who visits their home during Tet holiday may bring them welfare for the whole year; however, the person who sweeps the floor on the first three days of this festive occasion might sweep away the wealth.
X. 75. Apsara dance is a form of Cambodian classical dance.
76. It is known as Cambodian Royal Ballet.
77. The Apsara is performed by a woman in a traditional dress
78. The dance uses gestures to tell myths or religious stories.
79. It has a soft movement and loudly traditional Khmer music during its performance.
80. Apsara dance does not require physical ability, but it requires smooth movement
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