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Đề thi học kì 2, môn: Tiếng Anh 3

Thứ sáu - 02/04/2021 19:47
Đề thi học kì 2, môn: Tiếng Anh 3, có file nghe. Có đáp án, mời các bạn cùng tham khảo.
Time: 35 minutes
Skills Listening Reading Writing Speaking Total

Part 1: Listen and match. There is one example.
tieng anh 3 phan 1
Part 2: Listen, look and tick (✓) Right or Wrong. There is one example. Right Wrong

0.image 20200624215501 3  
1. image 20200624215501 6☐  ☐
2. ☐  ☐
3. ☐  ☐
4.☐  ☐
Part 3: Listen and tick (✓) A, B or C. There is one example.

0.    What is Pete doing?
A:    Is Pete skipping in the park?
B:    No, he isn’t. He’s skateboarding. He loves skateboarding very much.

1. What’s the weather like today?                        

2. What is Adam doing?

3. Which is Sally’s favourite pet?

4. Where’s the rabbit?

Part 4: Listen to each question and circle A, B or C for the best answer. There is one example.

0. How are you? 
A. I’m fine, thanks. 
B. I’m five years old. 
C. I’m Linda.

A. It’s cloudy. 
B. It’s purple. 
C. It’s a ball.

A. It’s in South Viet Nam. 
B. It’s my favourite place. 
C. It’s very noisy.

A. He is reading a newspaper.
B. No, he isn’t. He’s watching TV. 
C. Yes, he is. He’s writing a letter.

A. She’s in a blue T-shirt. 
B. It’s my rabbit.
C. It’s my sister.

Part 1: Look and read. Write the correct words next to their descriptions.
There is one example.
tieng anh 3 phan 10
                         WHAT AM I?    
0. I’m a long comfortable seat with a back and arms.    ...........sofa.........
1. People use me to hang clothes in.        ...........................
2. I help you keep warm in the cold weather.        ...........................
3. I show the shape and position of countries.        ...........................

Part 2: Reorder the following sentences to make a complete dialogue. There is one example.
☐ A. Great. I have these things at home. Let’s make the kites. I can’t wait any longer.
☐ B. I’d love to but I don’t have a kite, Adam.
 C. Oh, it’s windy. Why don’t we play kites, Tony?
☐ D. Don’t worry. I know how to make a kite. You only prepare a plastic bag, two sticks, string and some strips of cloth.

Part 3: Read the passage and circle A, B or C. There is one example.
Phillip has a big family. There are three children, his parents and his grandparents. He shares his room with his brother, Peter. Tracy, his sister, has a pretty small bedroom. Phillip is eight years old. Peter is ten and Tracy is twelve. They all get on very well. Phillip’s grandparents are seventy now but they still work on the family farm. His father, David, is a doctor and his mother, Caroline, is a teacher. Tracy,
Peter and Phillip are students. His family likes animals but they do not have any pets because their house is small and it does not have a garden.

0. How many people are there in Phillip’s family?
A. Five.
B. Six.
(C). Seven.

1. How old is Phillip’s brother?
A. He is eight.
B. He is ten.
C. He is twelve.

2. Which sentence is FALSE?
A. Phillip’s grandparents are farmers.
B. Phillip’s sister and brother are students.
C. Phillip’s parents are doctors.

3. Why doesn’t Phillip’s family have a pet?
A. Their house is small.
B. They do not have a garden.
C. Both are correct.

Part 1: Read the following sentences and reorder the letters in the brackets. There is one example.

0.    My mother is cooking in the k i t c h e n. (h e k i t c n)
1.    Sam likes playing the _ _ _ _ _. (p o a i n)
2.    Today, the _ _ _ _ _ _ _ is hot and sunny. (e a w e t h r)
3.    Da Nang is in _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Viet Nam. (a l c t r e n)

Part 2: Read the passage. Then write ONE word into each gap for each picture. There is one example.
image 20200624215501 36
Hi! I’m Johnny. Welcome to my house. Here is my (0) ...living... room. It’s not big but  very    beautiful.  It  has  a  window  with  a  white  curtain.  There  is  an (1) .....................    next to the window. I usually sit there reading books in my free time. A large table is in front of the sofa. There is    a newspaper, a radio, a (2) .....................    and a pen on it. Truly, it is sometimes quite untidy. Do you see a
big (3) .....................    next to the sofa? It makes my room brighter and it is also convenient to move anywhere in the room.

Part 1: Get to know each other.
The teacher asks the student the following questions:
1. Is your house big or small?
2. What color is your house?

Part 2: Talk about a pet.
The teacher asks the student to choose one of the pictures and answer the following questions:

1.    What are they?
2.    How many goldfish/ rabbits/ dogs/ parrots/ cats are there? 
3.    Where are they?
4.    Tell me five pets you know.

Part 3: Describe the picture.
image 20200624215501 38
The examiner says, “Now you have 30 seconds to look at the picture.” The examiner asks the student three questions below:
1.    How many children are there in the picture?
2.    What are they doing?
3.    What do you usually do with your friends at weekends?

---  THE END ---


Part 1:
0.    Hi! I’m Ben. I have a cat and a goldfish. Now my cat is next to the fish tank. It never wants to eat my goldfish, but just plays with it.
1.    Hi! I’m Peter. This is my dog. It has blonde and white hair. The cat with black and white hair over there is also mine.
2.    Hi! My name’s Rosie. I have two pets: a parrot and a rabbit. My parrot has pretty green feathers. It is quite noisy but I love it. My rabbit has brown hair. It is in a small house cage.
3.    Hello! My name’s Anna. I have a dog and cat. My cat is called Bella. It has green eyes and black hair. My dog is called Rocky. It is small and very cute with white hair.
4.    Hello! I’m Mary. Let me tell you my pets. I have a parrot. It has colorful feathers. I put it in the cage. I also have a hamster. It’s fat, a bit dangerous but lovely. Like a rabbit, it loves carrots much.

Part 2:
Hi! I’m David. It’s raining outside. My family is gathering in the living room. My grandparents are on the sofa. They are reading the newspapers. My parents are on the other sofa. They are watching television. My brother, Sam, is sitting on the floor. He’s playing with his trucks. My sister, Amy, is on floor, too. She is drawing a picture. Can you guess what I am doing? I’m listening to music through headphones next to her.

Part 3:
A: Is Pete skipping in the park?
B: No, he isn’t. He’s skateboarding. He loves skateboarding very much.

A: Linda, bring your umbrella.
B: Yes, Mum. Is it raining outside, Mum?
A: No, sweetie. It’s sunny today.

A: Where is Adam?
B: He’s on the bed in his bedroom.
A: Is he reading a book?
B: No, he is listening to music.
A:    Sally, do you have any pets?
B:    Yes, I have a rabbit, a goldfish and a parrot.
A:    Which pet do you like most?
B:    I love playing with all of them, but I like my parrot most.

A:    Is the rabbit in front of the box?
B:    No, it isn’t.
A:    Is it next to the box?
B:    No, it isn’t. It’s under the box.

Part 4:
0. How are you?
1. What’s the weather like?
2. Where’s Ho Chi Minh City?
3. Is your father reading a newspaper now?
4. Who’s over there?


A. Listening
Part 1:

Part 2:                                                                        
1. Right            2. Wrong    3. Right    4. Wrong                                
Part 3:                                                                        
1. A            2. C        3. C        4. B                                
Part 4:                                                                        
1. A            2. A        3. B        4. C                                
B. Reading                                                                        
Part 1:                                                                        
1. wardrobe    2. coat        3. map                                
Part 2:                                                                        
1. B            2. D        3. A                                                
Part 3:                                                                        
1. B            2. C        3. C                                                
C. Writing                                                                        
Part 1:                                                                        
1. piano            2. weather            3. central                                
Part 2:                                                                        
1. armchair    2. notebook        3. lamp

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