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Giải bài tập tiếng Anh 11 - Pearson [Unit 3:Becoming independent]

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Giải bài tập tiếng Anh 11 - Pearson [Unit 3: Becoming independent], gồm các phần: PHONETICS - VOCABULARY & GRAMMAR - SPEAKING - READING - WRITING và giải bài tập kiểm tra.
1. All ∪ of ∪ us ∪ are spending lots ∪ of time ∪ in front ∪ of screens.
2. Be sure to pay your rent ∪ and bills ∪ on time.
3. It ∪ is ∪ a good ∪ idea to be aware ∪ of your weaknesses.
4. What ∪ are skills ∪ of ∪ an ∪ independent learner?
5. These ∪ are modes ∪ of transportation ∪ an ∪ independent teen should know.
6. Parents want to give ∪ a teen ∪ all ∪ of the tools he needs to be successful.
7. If ∪ a teen possesses ∪ all ∪ of the life skills, he will succeed ∪ in the world.
8. I think you have ∪ a lot ∪ of life skills in ∪ order to live ∪ independently.
The final ∪ aim ∪ of ∪ any parent is to bring∪ up ∪ an ∪ independent, responsible child. This may seem ∪ obvious, but most ∪ of ∪ us know it takes real focus ∪ on ∪ it. Kids ∪ often become ready for the world when they turn ∪ eighteen. They need to practise ∪ a lot ∪ in ∪ order to behave ∪ independently. It means ∪ all ∪ of them should ∪ increase their ability to make decisions ∪ on their own. Sometimes parents ∪ allow children to make ∪ inappropriate options, and then kids ∪ ought to move ∪ on.
I/ 1. flow             2. focus    3. it formation    4. team    5. effort
  6. techniques   7. plan      8. issue     9. system     10. work
II/1. hygiene  2. self-reliant  3. cope/deal 4. decisions 5. communication  6. suffer
1. I was amazed to recognize that! could work more effectively with my time log.
2. It is impossible for anyone to focus and produce really high-quality work without giving their brains some time to rest and recharge.
3. It is important to make a list of attainable goals that you can achieve.
4. It is very simple to use an electronic calendar to write down the things you need to do, including appointments and deadlines.
5. It is neither urgent nor important to read funny emails or check Facebook first.
6. It is surprisingly hard (for you) to practise time management in your daily life.
7. It is very useful to keep a time log at times of pressure, for example, when revising for examinations.
8. It is nice to think that you can work for 8-10 hours straight, especially when you are working to a deadline.
1. It’s very important for parents to help build a child's independence by encouraging good habits.
2. It’s necessary for customers to have to read fabric care labels and recognize which clothes require dry cleaning.
3. It is both urgent and important for parents to pick their children up from school.
4. It is essential for students to learn to prioritise their tasks.
5. It is reasonable for all of us to focus and concentrate on one thing at a time.
1. If you have no desire to cook, in vest in a microwave.
2. We should have the ability to take a leadership role within group situations.
3. Action Priority Matrix is a/one tool to help you prioritize effectively.
4. One useful way to eliminate wasted time is to use a time log.
5. You can ask your tutor for permission to submit an assignment late if necessary.
6.. Managing your time is an important/a key element for you to succeed in your study.
7. The school library is a suitable venue for you to escape from distractions.
8. Do you think it is the ideal time to send that email confirming your holiday dates?
1 The courses are for students with a range of additional learning needs from moderate learning difficulties to severe learning difficulties.
2. Because their range of Life Skills courses enables learners to develop vocational skills designed to improve opportunities for progression to employment and/or further study.
3. You will be taught cookery, creative skills, workshop skills, animal care skills, and professional skills.
4. Students are taught in small groups and all courses include lessons that help them build confidence and improve literacy, numeracy and skills for independence, employment and progression.
5. They can arrange an expert’s visit for potential students, and parents (including a tour to view our facilities and discuss the course options).
II/ 1. D    2.C    3. A    4. E    5. B    6. T   7. F   8. T   9. T   10. F
Task 1: B
Task 2:  1. T    2. NO    3. T    4. F    5. F
Task 3:
1. Because the skills are valuable not only in job-hunting, but also in many other aspects of life (from revising for examinations to working in a vacation job).
2. Because they have to find time to apply for jobs (at the same time).
3. We can reduce any time-related stress in our lives by adjusting our routines and patterns of behaviour.
4. It is setting clear goals, breaking your goals down into several steps, and reviewing your progress towards your goals.
5. It mostly involves focusing on urgent and important tasks rather than those that are trivial.
IV/ 1. E   2. C    3. A   4. B    5. D
6. It becomes counter-productive when we push oui children to be independent before they’re ready.
7. Because the child was not ready for the move toward independence.
8. The child will stay confined within her comfort zone and won’t overcome her discomfort and fear about taking on new independence or a new experience.
9. Parents should push their children gently, incrementally and with lots of support.
10. Because he could hear his mother’s voice close but not right next to him.
V/ 1.A   2. B    3. D    4. C    5. B
I/ 1.C   2. F   3. B   4. G    5. A  6. E  7. H   8. D
II/ 1. E   2. C   3. G   4. D   5. B
1. Courses in independent living skills are advertised.
2. The courses are for individuals who may need to maintain or develop their independence.
3. There are (at least) 6 courses.
4. We will be taught skills of scheduling and keeping appointments.
5. SVILC’s specialist will work with us to identify the areas of our life that require these types of skills and design a plan to achieve success.
II/ 1. E      2. C     3. G     4. F    5. A    6. H    7. B    8. D
TEST 1 (Unit 3)
I+II/ 1. C    2. A    3. B    4. C    5. D
III/ 6. B   7. B    8. C   9. A   10.D   11. C  12. B   13. A   14. C   15. D
IV/ 16. independently   17. routines   18 .haircut   19 .injuries   20. encourage
21. It is probably healthy for foreigners to try and eat some homemade meals.
22. It is important (for you) to go out of your comfort zone and meet other people.
23. It is very helpful (for you) to use Action Plans to break large projects down into manageable steps.
24. It is reasonable (for us) to focus on one task at a time to produce higher quality work.
25. It is very stressful (for us) to do too many tasks at the same time.
VI/ 26. A    27. C    28. B    29. D    30. A    31. C    32. B    33. D   34. A   35. C
VII/ 36. D   37. B    38. C   39. A    40. B
VIII/ 41. F    42. B    43. D   44. A    45. E
Dear Ms Brown,
46. I have been a trainee employee for the ABC Company for one year.
47. I am writing this letter to enquire about a training course on management of our time, and interaction with co-workers.
48. I would like to know how to have an enjoyable social life, make friends, and access social activities.
49.1 hope you will allow me to apply for the training course.
50. Please contact me at this address if you have any questions. I hope for your kind consideration.
Sincerely yours,
TEST 2 (Unit 3)
I+II/ 1.C   2. A    3. D   4. D    5. A
III/ 6. B   7. C    8. A    9. A    10. D   11. A   12. B   13. C   14. D   15. D
IV/ 16. function    17. requires    18 .achieves   19. organize   20. dedicate
21. A teen with a job has the responsibility to learn how to cover monthly expenses.
22. It’s a basic skill to have to use an iron safely.
23. Teens should have the important skill to cope with loneliness.
24. We should have interpersonal skills to persuade other people to tell us the ways to do something.
25. We should have a good public transportation system to rely on. (It’s useful to have )
VI/ 26. B   27. A    28. C    29. D   30. A    31. B   32. D   33. C   34. A 35. C
VII/ 36. C    37. B    38. D    39. A   40. B
VIII/ 41. D   42. F    43. B    44. E    45. C
Dear Sir/Madam,
46. I am a first-year student and I would like to learn independent living skills, and I would like to be taught these new skills with practical instructions.
47. I would also like to know how to write an independent living plan to meet my individual needs, such as meal planning, financial management, obtaining housing and transportation, and much more.
48. I would like to join the classes in the evening because I go to college at daytime.
49. I hope that your answers to my questions will help me to make the right decision about the course.
50. Thank you very much for your time. I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Faithfully yours.
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