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Giải bài tập tiếng Anh 8 - Pearson [Unit 10: Communication]

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Giải bài tập tiếng Anh 8 - Pearson [Unit 10: Communication], gồm các phần: PHONETICS - VOCABULARY & GRAMMAR - SPEAKING - READING - WRITING và giải bài tập kiểm tra.
Ooo purity, density, gravity, clarity, quality, quantity, additive, positive, primitive, transitive, genitive
oOoo longevity, mentality, facility, priority, authority, majority, minority, fatality,
reality, community, security, appositive,  insensitive, infinitive, inquisitive,
repetitive, definitive, acquisitive
ooOoo continuity, inactivity, capability, hospitality, nationality, similarity, relativity, visibility, generosity, curiosity, opportunity, university, possibility
II. 1. density      2. security      3. opportunity       4. community
     5. positive     6. responsibility
I. 1. B      2. D        3. F        4. I        5. H       6. E        7. A      8. G        9. C
II. 1. make      2. leave       3. take      4. post         5. Send
III. 1. E      2. G      3. I        4. J        5. A      6. C     7. B    8. D    9. F    10. H
A/   Picture a (a pen): write a letter, write a note
Picture b (a cell phone): send/get a text message, check your messages
Picture c (a computer): send/receive an e-mail, go on the Internet
Picture d (a phone): make a phone call, leave a message
Picture e (a card): post a letter/card, send a card
Picture f (a digital camera): take/send a photo
1. send an e-mail or call someone 
3. go on the Internet
5. wrote a letter 
7. make a phone call or send an e-mail 
9. send a card or send an e-mail 
2. send an e-mail or send a text message
4. leave a message
6. send a card
8. leave a message
10. go on the Internet
1. will be sharing     2. will be using      3. will be developing      4. will be helping
5. will be using        6. will be changing  7. will be using           8. Will be developing
9. will be using        10. will be making
VI. 1. to post              2. to have – (to) drink     3. tidy      4. to stop
      5. doing – to do   6. going
I. 1. Hi! Are you free to meet tomorrow for a drink? Where? When? See you! Nick xx
 Your reply: I am free 2moro 2. How abt seeing @ my house, abt 7? C u soon!
2. Hello. We’re having a party this Saturday at my house? Can you come? Are you going to
bring anyone? Let me know. Thanks! Mai.
 Your reply: Gr8. Wd I bring Mi n Phong 2 the party? Thx 4 invitation. Luv.
II. (Suggested answers)
1.  I’d like to speak to Nick, please. Is he at home now?
2.  Oh. Could you tell him to call/phone me back when he gets home?
3.  (your phone number)
4.  Thank you so much. Bye for now.
5.  (your own idea)
III. 1. G     2. D      3. B        4. I       5. E       6. A      7. H      8. J     9. C    10. F
I. 1. B     2. B      3. A      4. B      5. B     6. A     7. B     8. A 
II. 1. C     2. D     3. A      4. B      5. A      6. C     7. B      8. D
III. 1. They carried letters by hand over hundreds of kilometers.
2. It cost just one penny.
3. They delivered letters several times a day.
4. They are arranged in the same way as the typewriter.
5. It appeared in the 1870s.
6. Because the talking was perhaps easier than the walking.
7. It was sent in 1992.
8. We send over a billion text messages around the world every day.
IV. 1. D        2. B          3. F        4. A         5. C
V. 1. He has spent about thirty hours on the Internet this week.
2. He goes to bed at half past eleven in the evening.
3. Because she thinks it’s really bad for you.
4. By sending and receiving e-mails.
5. She usually reads about four or five books in a week.
I.  Do’s:  A, B, C, F, G, H, I, K
    Don’ts: D, E, J
II. Maria,
Thanks for lunch yesterday. It was great to see you. Let’s continue our conversation about the project. Maybe it is Wednesday next week at my place. Thereis still a lot of things to discuss. By the way, please don’t forget to bring the information we talked about.
Let me know about next week. See you later.
III. 1. F    2. I     3. D    4. H     5. G     6. B    7. J     8. A     9. E    10. C
Email Homework To Teacher
To:      [email protected]
From:  [email protected]
Subject:  English Essay from Nguyen Thi Mai
Dear Ms. Lan,
My name is Nguyen Thi Lan, and I am your student from class 8C.I have attached my essay on “Communication in the 21st century”, which is due by the end of today. Thank you for allowing me to email it to you instead of turning it in during class. I really appreciate if you give some comments on my essay so that I will write better in the near future.
Thank you so much.
Best regards, Nguyen Thi Mai
I. 1. B    2. C       3. D        4. A        5. B
II. 6. C   7. A      8. D       9. D        10. B      11. C    12. D    13. B    14. D    15. A
III. 16. D    17. B      18. D     19. C     20. A     21. C     22. A    23. D
IV. 24. cyber-bullying            25. posted     26. homepage        27. view
       28. keep in touch with      29. Online
V. 30. C      31. F     32. D        33. B       34. E           35. A
VI. 36. B        37. A        38. D        39. C       40. B      41. C       42. D     43. A
VII. 44. F        45. T         46. T         47. T       48. F        49. F
Task 1:  1. C      2. C     3. C
Task 2:  4. D      5. G     6. E        7. F      8. B        9. A     10. C
Task 3:  11. F      12. I      13. D        14. B     15. J       16. E     17. G 
              18. A      19. C      20. H 

IX. Dear Teacher,
My name is Hoang Diem Mi, and I am your student from class 8A. I would like to express my appreciation for all your efforts in teaching chemistry to our class. I write/ am writing this letter to apologize for not submitting my lab report on time. I am sorry for forgetting the deadline of the report, due last week. I promise that this thing does not happen again. I hope for your kind understanding, and accept my late submission.
Best regards,
Hoang Diem Mi
X. Dear Ms. Huong,
I am sorry that I was absent from your Biology class yesterday.A classmate told me that handouts for the next lab assignment were given. We have to submit our assignments next Friday. Can I meet you during tomorrow’s recess to ask some questions about the correct way to write it? I look forward to speaking to you soon.
Thank you very much.
Best regards,
Pham Van Phong
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