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Giải bài tập tiếng Anh 9 - Pearson [Unit 6: Viet Nam: Then and now]

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Giải bài tập tiếng Anh 9 - Pearson [Unit 6: Viet Nam: Then and now], gồm các phần: PHONETICS - VOCABULARY & GRAMMAR - SPEAKING - READING - WRITING và giải bài tập kiểm tra.
A. OO      Turn right! Try these. I walked.
B. OoO     English  is!
C. OOo    Keep silent! Be careful.
D. OOO   Leave them here. Turn it off! Her pet did. Catch it up!  

I/ 1. railway       2. skytrain        3. clearance          4. traffic
    5. tram            6. tunnel          7. underpass         8. walkways
II/   1. practical         2. good          3. romantic          4. nervous
       5. hopeless         6. difficult      7. necessary        8. eager
III/ 1. artifacts         2. coupons         3. fashionable        4. families     5. straw
       6. period           7. childhood       8. books                 9. goods   10. Wages
1. had already graduated      2. had   3. were singing    4. had seen   5. had forgotten
6. was playing         7. lived        8. wanted    9. were having   10. was working
1. It was brave of her to spend the night in the old house alone.
2. It was interesting to hear such a wonderful performance.
3. It was very kind of you to give presents to streets children before the new school year.
4. It was unreasonable of them to complain about the exam results.
5. It is simple to put up the shelves.
6. It was confident of him to present his ideas in front of the committee.
7. It was surprised for us to get the scholarships.
8. It was impolite of him to criticize her in front of her friends.
I/ 1. T 2. F 3. T 4. F 5. T 6. T 7. F 8. T
II/ Task 1. 1. T     2. F     3. T     4. T     5. NG

Task 2. 1. It was established in 1896.
2. It was left for students from royal and noble families.
3. It is the period in spring when “diep anh dao” ( a kind of cherry blossoms ) is in bloom.
4. Students from that school have got/ achieved high prizes in many international competitions.
5. It is located beside the Perfume River.
Task 3.
1. admission    2. campus    3. harmony    4. shady    5. famed
III/ 1. B    2. D    3. A    4. C    5. C
1. C    2. F    3. H    4. D    5. B    6. G    7. A    8. E
I/ 1. Family members should support each other during times of trouble.
2. We have the need to love and to be loved so the family is normally the place where love is expressed.
3. It is certain that laughter in a positive way to release tensions, and gain a close relationships.
4. The aldult must take responsibility for leading the family.
5. If we don’t have forgiveness, we will not live happily in an extended family with many members.
1. Te Tieu Primary School in Ha Noi has introduced traditional games into their curriculum recently.
2. The school would like to offer a gentle form of relaxation after hours of study.
3. The students from the first to fifth grade play traditional games without any instruction from the teachers.
4. Some students are enjoying “Cat and Mouse game” while others are interested in playing blind man’s buff.
5. The school authorities want to increase students’ affection for school so that each day at school is full of happiness.
TEST 1 (Unit 6)
I+II/ 1.B     2. D      3. A      4. C      5. D
l. D     2. B      3. A     4. C     5. A     6. D     7. D    8. C    9. B    10. C
IV/ I. soldiers     2. demand     3. fashion     4. footwear     5. thickness
21. It is essential that family members care for each other.
22. We are aware that families are the place where we learn values, skills, and behavior.
23. It is certain that parents should guide their children into the world outside the home.
24. We are conscious that strong families have a sense of loyalty and devotion toward family members.
25. It is sure that the family is a place of shelter for individual family members.
VI/ 26. C    27. B     28. B    29. C    30. D    31. D    32. A    33. B   34. C   35. A
VII/  36. A    37. D    38. C      39. B     40. D
VIII/ 41. E    42. C     43. G     44. A    45. D
IX/ 46. We should have the positive attitude towards other family members.
47. We should treat other family members like our best friends.
48. It is necessary for you to show love in small ways every day.
49. We should praise the accomplishments and strengths of other family members.
50. We should remember and celebrate birthdays of other members in an extended family.
TEST 2 (Unit 6)
I+II/ 1.D     2.C    3. B    4. A     5. A
III/  6. D    7. A    8. B      9. A       10. C    11.D     12. B      13. D   14. C   15. B
IV/ 16 .occasion     17. respect     18. spirit    19. custom     20. blossoms

21. We are conscious that the family becomes a source of encouragement in times of personal success or defeat.
22. It is sure that each family needs its own special set of rules and guidelines.
23. We are convinced that love requires constant daily effort by each family member.
24. It is clear that laughing together builds up a family but laughing at each other divides a family.
25. We are pleased that children are allowed to have a voice in decision making in the family.
VI/ 26. A    27. A    28. C    29. B    30. C    31. D   32. D    33. B   34. C   35. B
VII/ 36. B    37. D     38. A     39. C     40. D
VIII/ 41. E    42. C    43. F     44. D    45. A
X/ 46. It is important for you to be honest to say what you are thinking.
47. You should spend time with other members in order to have close relationships.
48. We should accept the differences between family members, and we should look for the common interests.
49. It is certain that you should avoid making unpleasant comments toward other members.
50. Instead of becoming the center of attention in the family, we should show kindness and interests to others.
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