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Đề kiểm tra học kì 2, Tiếng Anh 8

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Đề kiểm tra học kì 2, Tiếng Anh 8. Có đáp án. Mời các bạn cùng tham khảo.
I. Circle the letter A, B, C or D before the word that has the different
1. A. chew                  B. chop                       C. cheap                      D. ache
2. A. celebrate             B. occasion                 C. glad                                    D. great
3. A. mind                   B. live                          C. big                          D. win
4. A. parents                B. maps                       C. friends                    D. cakes

II. Choose the best answer (3pts).
1. The teacher wants us …… harder.
A. study                      B. to study                  C. studying                 D. studied

2. About a quarter of  …… have never left their villages.
A. the villagers                        B. the villager
C. villagers                              D. villager

3. This road is …… that one.
A. as long as twice                  B. twice as long as
C. as twice long as                  D. long as twice as

4. Would you mind if I …… you a question?
A. ask                          B. asking                     C. asked                      D. to ask

5. My mother permitted me to go out tonight.
She said: “You …… go out tonight.”
A. may                        B. must                        C. have to                    D. ought to

6. She said: “Don't tease me, John.”
A. She said not to tease me to John.
B. She said John not to tease me.
C. She told John not to tease her.
D. She told John do not tease her.

7. “This perfume is very expensive.”
“Yes, but it smells …… “
A. exceptional good                B. exceptionally well
C. exceptionally good             D. exceptional good

8. Minh: Today's weather isn't very nice.
Lan:  …………
A. So was yesterday's.
B. Yesterday's wasn't, either.
C. Neither was yesterday's.
D. B & C are correct.

9. The doctor asked him …… a rest and …… any heavy work.
A. to take / not to do              B. to take / don't do
C. to take / not do                   D. to take / to do

10. Life is in the cities is changing for the
A. best                         B. better                      C. good                       D. well

11. All of us are  in Ho Chi Minh City.
A. tourist in vacation              B. tourists in vacation
C. tourist on vacation              D. tourists on vacation

12. Motorbikes  in China are cheap.
A. make                       B. making                    C. made                       D. makes

III. Supply the correct forms of the words in brackets (2pts).
1. They are living in the …… area of Viet Nam. (MOUNTAIN)
2. ……, dark clouds soon appeared and it began to rain heavily. (FORTUNATE)
3. Lan received a lot of …… cards on her birthday. (GREET)
4. Santa Claus is based on …… of Saint Nicolas in this poem. (DESCRIBE)
IV. Rewrite as directed (2pts).
1. Minh works hard.
-> Minh is …………
2. This suitcase is the same weight as mine.
-> This suitcase is …………
3. The new Computer System will be installed next month.
-> He  …………
4. Why don't you bring your sister to the party, Nam?
-> I suggest …………

V. Read the following passage and then answer the questions below (2pts).
Ballet started in the 1400s in the royal courts of Europe. When an Italian noble woman, Catherine de Medici became the Queen of France in 1547, she brought an Italian form of dance - the ballet - with her to France.
Ballet was first viewed publicly as part of the opera. At first only men appeared on stage and wore masks to portray women characters. It wasn't until 1681 that women began performing in the theater.
Today ballet is a popular art form. Some children want to be good dancers and pursue a career in ballet. Some adults use ballet as a way to keep fit.

1. When and where did ballet start?
2. Who brought an Italian form of dance to France?
3. When did women begin performing in the theater?
4. What do some adults use ballet for?

1.D      2.C      3.A      4.C

1.B      2.A      3.B      4.C      5.A      6.C
7.C      8.D      9.A      10.B    11.D    12.C   

1. mountainous
2. Unfortunately
3. greetings
4. description

1. Minh is a hard worker.
2. This suitcase is as heavy as mine.
3. He will install the new computer System next month.
4. I suggest (that) Nam should bring his sister to the party.

1. Ballet started in the 1400s in the royal courts of Europe.
2. An Italian noble woman, Catherine de Medici did.
3. Women began performing in the theater in 1681.
4. Some adults use ballet as a way to keep fit.

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