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Second semester tests, English 8

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Đề kiểm tra học kì 2, Tiếng Anh 8. Có đáp án. Mời các bạn cùng tham khảo.
I. Choose a word in each line that has different stress pattern (1pt).
1. A. pyramid              B. essential                  C. original                   D. collect
2. A. comtort               B. ranger                     C. lovely                      D. surround
3. A. distance              B. camping                  C. appear                     D. statue
4. A. jungle                 B. device                     C. council                    D. kindness

II. Choose the word having the underlined letters pronounced differently (1pt)   
5. A. liberate               B. empty                     C. network                  D. excellent
6. A. liberty                 B. sincere                    C. light                        D. finish
7. A. answered            B. attracted                 C. appeared                 D. designed
8. A. sport                   B. monument              C. doll                                     D. tolerate

III. Choose the best answer (3pts).
9. Hue is a tamous tourist ......
A. attractive                B. Attracting               C. attraction                D. attracted

10. The Great Wall of Chỉna is one of the ...... of the world.
A. wonder                   B. Wonderful              C. wondering              D. wonders

11. Don't torget ...... the letter for me when ...... out this evening.
A. post / going                        B. to post / going
C. posting / going                    D. posted / went

12. Don't come and see me today. I'd rather you ...... tomorrow
A. come                       B. are coming              C. came                       D. have come

13. I'm sorry I ...... to you for so long.
A. didn't write                        B. don't write
C. won't write                                     D. haven't written

14. What makes it ...... a place among one of the seven wonders of the world?
A. deserve                   B. deserved                 C. deserving                D. deserves

15. This pyramid is believed ...... over 200 years.
A. to be built                           B. to build
C. to have been built               D. to be building

16. We suggested ...... together to visit Uncle Ho's Mausoleum this summer vacation.
A. to go                       B. going                      C. being gone              D. to have gone

17. ...... you ...... doing the housework yet?
A. Did / finish                         B. Do / finish
C. Have / finished                   D. Are / finishing

18. My memory is so bad. I wish I ...... a better memory.
A. have                        B. will have                 C. have had                 D. had

19. He pretended ...... the regulations in that village.
A. not understanding              B. not to understand
C. didn't understand               D. don't understand

20. He decided ...... smoking.
A. giving up                            B. and gave up
C. to give up                           D. not to

IV. Choose the correct sentence which has the same meaning as the given one (1pt).
21. The statue of Liberty was presented to the United States by France in 1876.
A. France presented the statue of Liberty in 1876 to the United States.
B. France presents the statue of Liberty to the United States in 1876.
C. France presented the statue of Liberty to the United States in 1876.
D. France presents the statue of Liberty to the United States in 1876.

22. I don't think that you will be asked to show your passport.
A. I don't think that they will be asked you to show your passport.
B. I don't think that they will ask you to show your passport.
C. I don't think that they ask you to show your passport.
D. I don't think that you be asked to show your passport.

23. Your order will be sent as soon as possible.
A. They will be sent your order as soon as possible.
B. They would send your order as soon as possible.
C. They will send your order as soon as possible.
D. They will possibly send your order.

24. “Do you watch TV every evening, Mark?” The teacher asked.
A. The teacher asked Márk he watched TV every evening.
B. The teacher asked Mark if he watches TV every evening.
C. The teacher asked Mark if he watched TV every evening.
D. The teacher asked Mark if he would watch TV every evening.

V. Find the mistake and correct it (2pts).
25. The bank manager wanted to know if I am taking much money to France.
26. My triend asked me what I think of New York City.
27. We cannot visit this temple because it is being repair.
28. Could you tell me how get to the nearest hospital?
29. My brother decided to spend the whole summer vacation study German.
30. My mother is very keen on grow roses in the garden.
31. You don't have to spend your time in a crowding place.
32. Santa Claus is based in the descrỉption of Saint Nicholas.

VI. Read the following passage and then choose the best answer (2pts).
Every two years, Vietnamese in general and Hue people in particular welcome one of their (33) ______ testivals, which is Festival Hue. The purpose of Festival Hue (34) ______ cultural exchange as well as promoting tourism. However, this year, Festival Hue 2006 plays an (35) ______ role in not only bringing all the culture in Vietnam and other countries together, but also celebrating 700 years of Thuan Hoa - Phu Xuan - Thua Thien Hue: (36) ______Heritage with integration and development.
The Festival Hue 2006 was heid from June 3 to June 11, 2006. The (37) ______ atmosphere of the Royal Citadel by night was Central to Festival activities with various art stages and a series of programs such as: Hue Traditional Dancing and (38)  , the space of Cong Chiêng in Highland, Nam Giao Festival, Truyen Lo Festival and especially the ao dai (39) ______ which was more impressive in the splendid atmosphere of demonstration on the .Perfume River and Trang Tien Bridge. Besides, the Festival teatured períormances by distinguished art troupes.
Festival Hue 2006 was a chance to promote meetings, triendship exchanges and investing (40) ______ in many tields with national and International partners.

33. A. big                    B. bigger                     C. biggest                    D. the biggest
34. A. is increasing      B. is increased             C. increase                   D. increases
35. A. importance                   B. important
C. unimportant                        D. more important
36. A. Culture                         B. Cultures                  C. Cultural                  D. Culturing
37. A. attract               B. attractive                C. attraction                D. attracted
38. A. sing                   B. singer                      C. singing                    D. sings
39. A. pertorming        B. perform                   C. pertormed               D. performance
40. A. corporate          B. corporated              C. corporation             D. corporates

l.A       2.D      3.C      4.B      5.A     
6.C      7.B      8.A      9.C     10.D
11.B    12.C    13.D    14.A    15.C
16.B    17.C    18.D    19.B    20.C   
21.C    22.B    23.C    24.C                           
25. am taking -> was taking
26. think -> thought
27. repair -> repaired
28. get -> to get
29. study -> studying
30. grow -> growing
31. crowding -> crowded
32. in -> on
33. C   34. A   35. B   36. C  
37. B   38. C   39. D   40. C

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