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Giải bài tập tiếng Anh 12 - Pearson [Unit 3: The green movement]

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Giải bài tập tiếng Anh 12 - Pearson [Unit 3: The green movement], gồm các phần: PHONETICS - VOCABULARY & GRAMMAR - SPEAKING - READING - WRITING và giải bài tập kiểm tra.
I.  1. t → p    2. t → p  3. d → b   4. t → p  5. n → m  6. d → b; /ϴ/ → /S/
II. 1. action plans (n → m); both sides (/ϴ/ → /S/)
2. Brown bears (n → m); human beings (n → m)
3. fourth season (/ϴ/ → /S/) ; garden party (n → m)
4. bad pain (d → b); food poisoning (d → b)
5. old man (d → b); light music (t → p)
6.  unit price (t → p); cotton picker (n → m)
I.  1. C   2. H    3. F   4. J   5. L  6. E   7. K   8. A   9. G   10. M 11. D   12. B   13.I
II. 1. depletion    2. biomass     3. geothermal   6. habitat   7. pathway   8. dispose
III. 1 .conservation    2. depletion   3. disposable  4. promotion     5. destruction 6. organically
IV. 1. dispose     2. organic   3. habitat     4. Conservation  5. replenish    6. pathway   7. deplete   8. biomass
1. Our house generates more solar energy than it uses, which helps the power company supply electricity to remote areas.
2. Many businesses go green at their workplace, which helps them make positive public relations.
3. Several companies have focused on product packaging, advertisements and marketing materials, which can make customers prefer green products.
4. Some businesses try to meet specific green standards, which helps them get more contracts.
5. The company needs more assistance from the government, which helps it go green more easily. 
6. He has researched healthier interiors, for houses and written a book on green designs, which can help many people to make their houses greener.
1. LED bulbs save even more energy and have longer lifespans, but they are considerably more expensive and take years to get back our investment.
2. When you make a building more energy efficient, you can save money and increase the value of the building.
3. By making the building more energy efficient, you not only save money but also increase the value of the building.
4. We try to follow a green life on the earth so that we can limit climate changes brought about by global warming.
5. Activities like deforestation and mining take place on a large scale, so our forests and wildlife are being destroyed at a very rapid rate.
6. While it is important for each nation to seek sustainable development, we need to start adopting green practices in our daily lives.
7. My sister likes neither cats nor dogs.
8. He was offered the job even though his qualifications were poor.

Task 1. 1. turbine   2. stove   3. challenge   4. gadgets  5. liberating
Task 2. 1. T    2. T    3.NG    4. NG   5. F   6. T   7. F   8. T
II. 1. B   2. D    3. C   4. A    5. D    6. C   7. C   8. B
III. 1.C   2. B    3. A    4. C   5. D   6. B   7. A   8. D   9. C  10. D
IV.  l. C   2. A   3. D  4. A  5. B   6. D  7. B   8. A   9. D   10. C
I. 1.E   2. H  3. B  4. D   5. A    6. G   7. F   8. C
II. 1. E   2. C   3. A   4. G  5. D
I. 1.E    2. A   3. F    4. B    5. D
II. l. E  2. D   3. B   4. A   5. F    
III. Better Quality of Life
1. Living a green life can actually offer us a better quality of life on the earth.
2. Two important principles of going green are conservation and the reduction of consumption and waste.
3. We should make effort to reduce the negative impact on the environment.
4. With a greener planet, we can enjoy the biodiversity of plants and animals.
5. Green technologies will offer us eco-friendly products and services, so that we can follow a green lifestyle.
TEST 1 (Unit 3)
I+II. 1. D    2. B    3. A    4. A    5. B
III. 6. B   7. A    8. D   9. A   10. C 11.B   12. A   13. C   14. D   15. B
IV.  16. concept  17. environment  18. emissions  19. greenhouse  20. vehicle
21. Small businesses don’t have so many offices, plants or stores, which helps them make green changes much faster than large corporations.
22. We have replaced light bulbs from incandescent to LED bulbs, which helps us benefit from the lower energy costs and longer lifespans of LED bulbs.
23. Many families have added low-flow toilets and reduced garden watering, which can reduce their water usage and save money.
24. We should use less electricity and water and reduce the trash that goes into landfills, which helps protect the environment.
25. We should recycle paper and use longer-lasting products, which reduces the amount of energy needed to produce replacement products.
VI. 26. D   27. B  28. A   29. D   30. A   31. B  32. B   33. D   34. D   35. C
VII. 36. A   37. C   38. A   39. D  40. B
VIII.  41. F   42. C   43. E   44. B   45. A
IX. Benefits of Going Green
46. When we conserve energy and resources, we help to reduce the amount of money spent on energy and resources.
47. By sending unwanted items for recycling and buying recycled products, we can
conserve energy and reduce raw materials.
48. Valuable land for landfills can now be used for other purposes.
49. A green life can lead to the fresher atmosphere, a cleaner environment and better health.
50. By keeping our environment cleaner, we are actually building a healthier environment for ourselves, and our future generations.
TEST 2 (Unit 3)
I+II. 1.C  2. D  3. A  4. B  5. C
III. 6. B   7. B   8. B   9. C   10. D   11. A   12. C   13. A   14. C   15. D
IV. 16. awareness 17. emissions   18. meal   19. greenhouse   20. power
V. 21. Although it was raining heavily, he went out without a raincoat.
22. The price of fruit has increased recently while the price of vegetables has gone down.
23. I’m learning English because I want to get a better job.
24. He looks thin, but actually he is very healthy.
25. You will spend at least one year working abroad so that you can find out how things operate overseas.
VI. 26. D   27. A  28. C   29. A   30. D   31. B   32. C   33. C   34. B   35. C
VII. 36. B   37. C   38. D   39. B   40. B
VIII. 41. C   42. F   43. A   44. E   45. B
IX. Advantages and Disadvantages of Solar Energy
There are many advantages to solar energy.
46. It will reduce the use of fossil fuels, such as oil or coal.
47. This means lower power costs, and fewer emissions, because solar energy is non-polluting energy.
48. Since sunlight is infinite and free, a home can supply itself with solar power. However, there are also some disadvantages of using solar power.
49. The sun isn’t available all of the time, so solar panels only generate power when the sun is shining on them.
50. The batteries required to capture and store solar energy are expensive, large, and improper to be disposed of.
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